Please consider keeping combined matchmaking on PC

There was a lot of merit to the combined que especially for PC. I think it is really worth considering having the combined que on pc. I think the only real downside that wasn’t vastly outweigh by benefits was removing the skill based matching.

The choices on PC are incursion or unbearable waits (and with the skill matchmaking, sometimes still unbearable). The other system worked fine with exception to the loss of skill based matchmaking. When there’s 10 people in a match and 5+ of them vote for capture, that’s not a failure of the matchmaking system, that’s a success. Capture being a barren wasteland despite people wanting to play it is not.

Lets explore why. Incursion is a clear winner on the popularity index, it’s not a majority, that much is clear from the combined matchmaking, but is has more followers then the other modes. Because of that, it snowballs as more people que for it even if they would rather play another mode, because the waits are short. I do the same thing, incursion is the last mode I want to play, but it’s what I que for because there’s really no other choice on PC. Consoles seem to be a little different.

The choices here are basically force everyone on pc to play overgrowth, or occasionally force the people who only want to play overgrowth to play another map or moe.

Please pick ALL the modes you like and hate.

  • I like Incursion
  • I like Meltdown
  • I like Capture
  • I hate Incursion
  • I hate Meltdown
  • I hate Capture

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Anyone know how to have the poll display number of votes not percent based?

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Which is absolutely unacceptable for some of us. And if, as you say, incursion is that much more popular, then it will get picked every time anyway, unless your intent is to block vote with premade groups.

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Did you not understand the sentence? I was not promoting the removal of skill based matchmaking.

As for;

More popular does not mean a majority. Proof positive was that in many games where overgrowth was a choice, it was not picked, but everyone is forced into overgrowth now because of the low player base. Did you complete skim the post? This logic was spelled out.

If 3/10 people only want to play overgrowth 2/10 like overgrowth the most but also the other modes, and the remaining 5/10 don’t want to play overgrowth but don’t agree on which of the 2 remaining modes they want to play more… everyone is stuck with overgrowth when you have to choose what to que with a low player base. You stick these 10 people into a vote, and overgrwoth will win most of the time, but often it won’t as well. That’s a win, not a loss, but I get the feeling that only one group whined the loudest.

I understood the sentence just fine. It’s completely non-negotiable in my book. To make an exaggerated analogy, it’s like saying the only side-effect of this medication is death.

If your intent is to keep skill-based matchmaking and simply collapse the queues, that isn’t clear from the post, and you have needlessly conflated skill-based matchmaking with that since the two are not inherently linked.

yeah im not digging the revert matchmaking.

havent been able to find a single game in the past hour… ive tried all the different qs but after waiting for 5 mins in each one i still dont even have a full team formed yet =[

not looking good.

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At any rate, I think you will find a large number of people will be opposed to this because they want to choose the mode they play (doesn’t really matter to me, since I’m ok with Meltdown or Incursion, and capture is unlikely).

I’d still like to see a “first available” queue.

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I did not needlessly conflate anything, they were already linked. The elo matchmaking was opened up at the same times, and added back in when we reverted. I was suggesting it be kept. You say you understood the sentence yet didn’t understand the meaning. But it doesn’t matter since you understand now.

Don’t care about a large number of people, care about making the majority happy. My whole point is that from the people I’ve talked to and a lot of what I’ve seen posted, the elo was the larger of the problems, and more people were fine with or happy with the combined que otherwise, then were unhappy. Again, imagine the 3/2/5 scenario.

You aren’t making any sense here. We have had skill-based matchmaking with and without collapsed queues. We have had collapsed queues with and without skill-based matchmaking. They have literally nothing to do with one another inherently (except changes made in tandem to try and keep wait times down).

more people were fine with or happy with the combined que otherwise

I don’t believe that. Evidence? There were bunches of threads complaining about lack of choice (merged into the main thread).

I’m making plenty of sense, I already explained completely in the OP as well as the portion of reply you chose not to quote.

There’s no reason to discuss this with you if you either doesn’t understand the difference between a statement of opinion and a statement of fact, or are deliberately misconstruing a statement. I’ve already Besides, there’s a poll for this exact reason… It seems you just don’t understand…

Second this.

The difference between the search times is night and day.

I’ll sacrifice increased choice for faster matching times.

Beggars can’t be choosers, afterall.

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I’m going to be in the minority and say that I liked the casual cue. I just. want. to. play. the. game. I don’t care what mode; it’s fun to mix it up. I don’t want to stare that that team screen for 10 minutes. Sometimes it steamrolled in my favor, sometimes against, but I. was. playing.



i love all game modes. faster q times were fun. hopefully the player base can increase over time… summer is coming and maybe lots of kids will be out of school and want to play it.

its a very fun game i donno why it has such a low playerbase.

its 5 thousand times more fun than overwatch imo


It’s mostly bad press and the impatience of a lot of people who have stopped playing because they wanted everything fixed yesterday. Hopefully it’ll rise this summer.

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Considering we paid AAA money for it I’d have hoped the game would’ve come “fixed” but anyway.


The thing is is that it’s being fixed, but some people have unreasonable expectations about the time frames required for GBX to do so.

Do you know that all the games have bugs and to fix those bugs, first the devs needs to find the problem and then see how fix it? If don’t understand, what I’m trying to say is that isn’t so easy fix problems in any game how a lot of people think.

@Gulfwulf @spawn5

I’m well aware that these days a ton of games are being released with major flaws. That doesn’t mean that I have to like it and just accept it as a given.

If I had bought this on PC and had serious performance issues I would’ve been majorly pissed off and rightfully so.

This combined with some other glaring issues that had been known from beta but were never addressed.

If you sell something AAA it’d better be work as well as a AAA.

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can u maybe please add an option for random q? these specific q times are way too long.

sitting here for 30 minutes havent been able to find a single match

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There hasn’t been a single AAA game released without bugs, not even Overwatch. My point wasn’t that we should just deal with it, but to be patient because those bugs are being addressed. Unfortunately some of them take longer to fix than others because of various factors. As for it not working on the PC, I haven’t run into any issues, but the strength and weakness of the PC platform is its wide variety of hardware and software configurations. If GBX wasn’t doing anything to fix their game, then I could see where the issue would be. But they are, so I’m content to give them the time they need. The game is playable in its current state. If it wasn’t, I would likely have gone onto something else.

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My last comment here since I’m going way too off-topic in a PC aimed thread.

Again, that seems to be the trend nowadays, that does not make it acceptable in any way. Afaik I know there’s still people that have performance issues based on the threads I’ve seen. The fact that you can play Battleborn without hiccups does not mean that everyone can play it like that.

Yes it’s playable and I’m still doing the same but the lack of progress on issues that have been there since beta is frustrating. There’s also other tweaks that could be made rather quickly but don’t seem to happen.

There’s still so many places in maps that you can get stuck on with certain characters, caldarius ult still gets randomly cancelled in certain scenario’s, sentries can still be attacked without them attacking back, shepards are still disabled in incursion for who knows what reason, PvE still is a joke, there’s still a ton of characters that could use some love, some of the maps still require tweaks, there’s still performance problems on xbox 5man hardcore the experiment, they still haven’t split the PC and console queue, why are certain legendaries still disabled, …

Yes changes are being made but slowly or wrong (see matchmaking). I have 1000’s of hours of playtime in games like counter-strike, dota, starcraft/warcraft, … and was hoping this could be a game like that since it has a great base but the rose-tinted glasses only last so long.

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