Please consider removing the mini boss health bar at top of screen (the big one)

Hey all

Love the gameplay but since mini bosses already have a health bar right above them, what is the point of having a GIANT version of the same health bar at the top of the screen?

Just takes up room and I’d rather see the bosses clearly

Thank you for your consideration

I noticed this during gameplay, too. If it’s technically a boss, i’d like to see the health bar only at the top of the screen.

Some boss fights involve multiple bosses or phases. The big bar at the top tracks the progress for the boss fight as a whole, adding up all bosses and phases. The little bar is just the health for that one specific boss/phase. And when the boss fight involves only a single boss, the big bar remains at the top so you’ll know how much health they have left at all times, even when they’re hiding and not under your crosshairs. To sum it up: The little bar attached to the boss is a regular health bar, the big bar at the top is a progress bar.


Some bosses will also have multiple small bars - such as the super badass constructors - which lets you know that there’s a part you can specifically target during the fight.


Some one have a screenshot of the bar, (i saw the gameplay but dindnt see the bar lol)

Ok, thanks for info on the multiple tier fight aspect. I see why they did that, then

If you check out the gameplay reveal, you will see the larger bar there.

Its one of those things where it is kind of redundant on bosses that only have the single bar. However others have multiple hit locations with their own individual bars and the large one tracks progress of the sum total usually or just drops a chunk when a location is broken or destroyed.