Please continue with BL3 support

Alright GBX i know youre working up on an amazing update coming in the future. Wonderlands was clearl made to keep us busy while they work on this great update for BL3.

Gonna give some tiny suggestions for this sweet patch youre working on GBX.

  1. Remove a bunch of poor passives from artifacts to reduce grind in this game please. Remove +Health, Both elemental resistances, FFYL duration, FFYL movement speed and accuracy.

These are useless passives, they exist to make RNG harder. Im sure GBX thought these would be usefull during the making of the game but they arent so please remove them to make grinding easier on players.

  1. Remove a bunch of poor passives from class mods to reduce the grind jn this game PLEASE. Remove +health, Elemental resistance, damage reduction, accuracy, gun handling,manufactur accuracy, Manufacturer weapon damage (the damage is so low and its gun damage, pointless to have it here when weapon damage exist) Manufacturer fire rate (dont remove COV fire rate and buff regular fire rate to manufacturer’s fire rates current%) and remove Manufacturer reload speed (buff regular reload speed to manufacturers reload speeds current %)

Removing these passives would better Class mod farming so please remove them. These passives provide nothing for the player in endgame.

  1. Fix artifacts splash radius working on current gen consoles.

  2. Give Eista his invincible name back and give him like 12 billion HP on mayhem 10/11 because hes suppose to be a raid boss unless eista being a raid boss is a joke thag went over my head for 2 years.

Please update BL3 more Gearbox.

Buff Amara’s restless to 10% per point and revert deaths blessing nerf


Wouldn’t hold my breath on anything being done with BL3, TTWL is the current focus and from reading here and elsewhere even that isn’t much. If anything maybe when the hype train starts for BL4 they might throw a bone to BL3 like they did with BL2.


I second what mr.bateman said with also adding it’s more like an anthrax treat like raising lvl cap on a game that didn’t need it (BL2) at the end of the games life cycle only to force refarming god rolled gear. So it’s really a middle finger and a (let’s try to force them to the next title) greed move.


Not very interested in giving gbx any more money. I just don’t care for how they run their games at this point. BL3 was my breaking point.


This moronic sunk cost fallacy is one of the biggest problems with the industry. TTW is the current focus because it’s newer, not because it’s feasible to get it to a better point than BL3, especially if BL3 received that focus instead.
BL3 is an old boat that’s almost seaworthy. TTW is a newer, smaller, more poorly designed boat, that might not ever be suitable to do more than float in place. Hopefully the storm of player discontent hits GBX sooner than later, since player goodwill is not a currency they deal in.


I would say that a lot of it has to do with society in general easily gets distracted by the “shiny new object”, hence TTWL and the gaming community is no different. Why else would there be things like microtransactions, season passes, etc. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that over time we have accepted games in half@ss state when released and I don’t see it slowing down hence why people preordered and purchased TTWL knowing how rough BL3 has been.


To be fair, that’s because the prospect of a “shiny, new” product implies some kind of improvement on previous iterations, especially in an age where engaging your consumers about what they like, want, and expect has never been easier - if you’re actually willing to, you know DO IT.

Players : “We would like cake.”
GBX: “Here’s some partially cooked batter.”
Players: “Um, thanks. I guess it tastes alright, but how about throwing it back in the oven for a few minutes until it’s completely cake?”
GBX: “Nah, but how about our NEW partially cooked batter?! Buy the season pass and maybe we’ll follow this roadmap to an actual cake (but really we’ll just take your money and move onto half-baking Batterlands 4).”


Its possible just very unlikely.

If by seaworthy you mean a great game i would say BL3 is already a great game but I and im sure many others just want more updates for the game to polish it up more to make it better than it is.

God I hope so, TTWL is so ■■■■■■■ mediorce and shows gearbox hasnt learned ■■■■■ from BL3.


Also forcing people to buy the dlc for OP levels is a dick move. Still have yet to buy dlc 5 despite the enticing content.


Its good, and it mostly functions, but there are very basic things like skills not working they way they say, or not at all (looking at you, Distributed Denial and Explosive Fury) that have nothing to do with less practical player desires, like more quests/takedowns/raid bosses. Heck, just search “patbateman72” and “split screen”.


True, cant believe we have broken akills like monkey do, loader bot increasing the damage you take, Futlity belts shield steal not working and sheer will not working on cannon. Game does need fixing.


This is why the final DLC was so bittersweet. “Oooh, a bunch of cool new stuff that’s broken/breaks other things, that they’re never gonna fix because an arbitrary amount of time has gone by. Yayyyy.”

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I dont ■■■■■■■ understand why they would add the kickcharger, free radical and revolter. They couldve easily nerfed this gear while still having them be viable but no Gearbox doesnt wanna do it because they wanna send this game off with more broken ■■■■.

The only piece of gear i enjoy from that dlc is the company man since its a comptetive option to the pearl and the guaridan angel because it makes grenades and nova shields 10x better.

Haha, no, I meant the traditional, sensible definition of “broken”. As in, not functioning. They already implemented a solution for powerful weapons in BL1: they actually don’t force their way into being equipped, or even picked up, let alone fired. So the only way they can be too OP, is if you make several conscious decisions to

  • Acknowledge the orange beams
  • Pickup the items emitting the beams
  • Try the items and determine if they’re “OP”
  • Continue to keep, equip, and use them, despite this
    (And this is ignoring that some items have dedicated drops, mayhem requirements, and/or only drop in special modes like Arms Race)

The Re-Volter, Kickcharger, and Free Radical weren’t not working, you just didn’t like the way they worked, and chose to either use them anyway, or not use them, but still complain about them.

Let me ask you this, if they weren’t in your game, but they were in everyone else’s, would that satisfy you?:thinking:

I dont remember DLC 6 breaking stuff.

Yes but not like it matters because Gearbox isnt releasing anymore content

I just like it when gear is balanced as best as they can, wouldnt have a problem if most of the broken gear is still top tier but nit greatly above the rest. Min maxxing is my favorite part of any game but when my decision is a clear “USE THIS” over “pick one from these great selection of equipment” it pisses me off.



That’s all BL3 DLC has been since Season 2. It’s just a tiny amount of content used to hide the fact that you’re simply buying Pay To Win gear. Try going back and building a character using nothing but the gear found in the vanilla game with no DLC gear at all. It’s a MUCH harder game if you play it that way.

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Dude what?

The onky character that will struggle with base game only is Zane but even then he can still do fine with a bit of finnese (sadly the DLC made him braindead.) Every character can slam all content with base game only and btw all characters but Zane are mostly dominating takedown/Raids trials using fishslap/stinger, you know BASE GAME ITEMS. The strongest combo in the game (besides eraser hustler im sure) is with stinger, unleash the dragon and fishslap, all base game gear btw.

Saying the DLC is pay 2 win is bs and you will struggle without it is so wrong, just because some of the DLC gear is powerful as ■■■■ doesnt mean you cant do well without it.

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