Please delete post :>

I just done play around 2hour by online. well I play online today all day bcouz I need phasecast and phase slam gun and when I am offline it serious rare to drop couz loot table .

I know … about patch from my friend and from this forum . but EPIC client not have it for me… first time I already try to open all update to get that patch or even think about make ticket
and EPIC support and ask about it .

but after half hour pass … I think it better to ignore it. maybe after big patch . I will not able to play this game again … couz something is everyone already know about it .

Well… it happen now. I gonna login to play before my bed time … but its trigger… its start … update …

I just dot dot dot in mind mine atm …I not play moze . I am siren … but siren is rare to see ppl play
most ppl go to moze and fl4k so rare to see siren show up to complain about patch couz no one
play it


What gonna be happen after i patch it … i wonder…Maybe they nerf a thing is i most use . and make me not able to fight . maybe they nerf my skill and not able to heal my self … maybe they nerf offline mode and i cant farm guardian rank ,maybe they just buff up all mob . buff up all boss ,
clear a hole with cement or make it both side flipping not just only 1 side flip !! for not lets me farm it anymore ! omg omg omg . What i gonna do . What i gonna duu . nu nuu nuuuuu


maybe i just forget here . and go back to my farmvill .
i gonna grown fast by this… this is suppose to be a shooting game for make me happy and realxzy play and enjoy light and sound. not a game is make me scream . panic . or just wanna throw my wireless mouse and keyboard and broken my wall TV .

  • ^ -…

heli bl3 . i will remember you - ^ - /


PS : I edit it. Please delete this post. I am so happy on patch . everything seem good :>

I really tried, but i couldnt understand 80% of what you said, and im good at understanding broken english because i make the same mistakes most of the time.


yeah same, i read it 3 times i couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. i suppose… you don’t want amara nerfed?? yeah me neither.

I just finished playing 2 hours online. I played online because I need phasecast and phase slam, but I prefer offline for the loot.

Epic’s patch is not working for me and I made a ticket.

Maybe after patch I will not be able to play game again.

Well it happened now, I will login before bed, but it triggered, it started, update.

I do not play Moze, I am a siren. Most people play Moze and Fl4k.


What will happen with patch? Nerf something I use and I will not be able to fight? Maybe I won’t be able to heal? Maybe they nerf the offline and I can’t farm my rank. Maybe they buff mobs and bosses? What can I do if I can’t farm?

Maybe just forget me. I grow fast by this, I am supposed to be happy and relaxed, but now it makes me scream and panic.

Heli BL3, I will remember you.


I tried my best.


Im not even going to reply to the original post, im just here to be impressed by your dedication.

tier 99 meme this is not hltv