Please devs read this just a few suggestions

Hey guys!

First of all I see great potention in battleborn.
As a gamer who loves to play moba’s (read smite, paragon and also battleborn when it works properly) i think this game could do better than it does at the moment.

First of all matchmaking, i really want to press the team that they fix matchmaking as soon as possible.
To have to wait 2 to 3 minutes for matchmaking everytime somene disconnects or leaves is a game breaker.

It had happened to me that i had 5 diconnects from players in 1 hour meaning i was spending my time waiting for a match for over 25 minute in 1 hour.
i think this need to be adressed soon otherwise i expect the game to die a silent death soon.

Would’t it be possible to fill a disconnected player with an AI player?
That way it would be possible to replace an AI player with a real player during a game.
It would also speed up matchmaking rapidly in my opinion.

Your AI in single player works fine so why not use that?

also i think it is not good to have friendly minions and/or teammates to block the way in physical form. people lose 9 out of 10 abillities on this and it makes the gamer wait for abillities to cooldown everytime someone jumps in your field of view/line of fire.

It is not like the characters are all small right?

On the contrary there are characters so big that if they stand in a doorway they can block everyone from entering or exiting and this could result in unnecesarry deaths and hinders the match.

if you guys could make it so that we do not get stuck every time on ledges and stuff that would be great too.

I hope you will read this and consider some of these pointers and make this game a winner as it should be.

Yes, it would be possible.
Yes, it would speed up matchmaking.

No, it doesn’t work alright, it’s atrocious.

Go play a private match with bots. I would rather wait 40 minutes for a match than have one of them on my team.

they naturally would have to make adjustments to it but if you look at paragon for example it is possible or do you think the ai in paragon is no good too?

anyway matchmaking needs improvement just played 1 game and saw 3 disconnects because of 1 person disconnecting all the other players are disconnected too.

shame it is so buggy

i personally will not wait 40 minutes if i have smite or paragon which has better matchmaking (paragon only since they released a matchmaking patch today)

I think any AI in video games, period, is horrible, personally.

There’s nowhere near enough computing power in any console or PC to accomodate dynamic AI that can fill the skill levels of players across all ELO levels. (I ranted about this somewhere else)

A bot that’s over powered to most lower level characters may be extremely under-powered at higher skill levels, ruining the game for completely different players for completely different reasons. I may be a bit cocky about it, but my experience is that I’m usually in the top %5 or so of ELO groups, and I definitely have never seen an AI that can accurately hang in a PVP match without feeding “OR” being having statistics that are over-inflated (increased health and/or damage) which artificially increases it’s stats, which is just as bad as a bot feeding.

I honestly would rather play down a player than have to deal with a bot thrown into a match.

well the ai would not have to do anything but wait in the starting base to be replaced with a real player.

it would not be a problem if it would defend or harvest but the only reason the ai would be there is to be replaced with real players when they connect.

catch my drift?

it would ensure that any game would start without disconnecting.
it hen would be easy to set a timer for how long it is possible for players to join but instead of disconnecting there would be some more time to fill the teams up just a matter of keeping the players in the starting base instead in matchmaking i really think this would do a lot of good.
\the ai is not meant to play just a way to ensure games start without disconnects if real players do not join then the game can always be terminated but at least then you get the feeling there is some progress and i bet that then games will be filled after all or to be rebalanced same goes for balancing high level plyers with lower level players. it just buys the game more time without players really noticing.