Please disable the Region lock, it'll kill the community

(JAViL15) #1

I’ve spent the entire day playing PvP multiplayer today, and I’ve had a blast!

Having said that, it didn’t come easy.

I live in Australia, and there are NO LOBBIES. In order to find games I’ve had to change my steam download location to United States - LA. The argument for region locking is latency, I can tell you right now there are no lag issues 99% of the time (that 1% is inevitable regardless of location, bad things happen to someones upload at some point).

Even with the LA region there are a scarce number of lobbies up, don’t leave this too late like you did with Remastered, I am having a blast with this game and I don’t want it to die…

(Netput) #2

The region lock is very, very annoying indeed!
Please get it removed asap as it is killing a potential thriving MP community.

(Ludovsky) #3

I have to second all of that sadly seriously.
I logged in for the first time into MP today.

However, I’m in the Quebec province of Canada so my download region has to be “Canada-Montreal” and… well, seriously I was lucky when there is only a single game in the lobby.

Seriously, I originally thought the lobby was completely empty(and it was! automatch was seeing no response at all either) that it was just because every body was still playing the campaign and it’s only now that I learned there was a region lock on this game.

I would -really- really recommend region be done without for this game. This would risk killing the multiplayer before it even has a chance to starts =(

(Kaerakh) #4

US Houston, no lobbies qued for 3v3 going 8 minutes plus. The inept handling of multiplayer for this game is what will kill it and make it foot note in the Homeworld series. Game itself is amazing, but it doesn’t matter at all if you can’t get a game. Also, I’d like a que for non artifact games.

(Kerfilicious) #5

I’ll have to second the TS on this one. I mean the same happened in RM, and back then it was called a bug. I felt a chill run down my neck due to the fact that this game NEEDS a thriving MP scene.

(JAViL15) #6

Screenschot depicting the state of the multiplayer at Australian peak hour a week after game launch, it’s terribly dissapointing :pensive:


(Force User) #7

Oceanic Prime Time has always been pretty harsh in terms of online population. I’m lucky in that I’m in EU prime time even if I’m not actually in EU.

End of the day, if there isn’t people online, region filtering isn’t the problem and removing it won’t change anything. People are used to games with hundreds of thousands of player online so yea it can be frustrating with games that have lower populations to start off with. Use Global chat and Steam to organize games and use automatch when it’s EU/US prime time. I get that you want to find someone/something to blame but sometimes there just isn’t a magic one click button/instant gratification fix. You can’t build a strong healthy community with negativity, sometimes it takes a bit of work.

(JAViL15) #8

ForceUser I think you need to realize that this issue is HUGE.

You speak to me like I’m someone who plays mainstream games with thousands of players, I can tell you right away that is not the case (although think of all the players that do). RTS games are the core of the market I play, and that mostly revolves around RUSE, Wargame, Company of Heroes 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

The Global chat in Deserts of Kharak is functional, and I have been repeatedly asking (like in the above screenshot) for players, currently my Steam is set to Germany - Berlin because I just had a 1v1 with a guy from said location.

But. This. Is. Terrible.

RTS games by NATURE don’t have big playerbases, and Homeworld is the only RTS game I have played in years to do something like this (CoH2 matchmaking on launch wasnt fantastic either, but I have a group of friends that play that game too so it was easy. Not a single one of them have gotten DoK sadly).

I adored the singleplayer in Deserts of Kharak, played it on classic and finished in about 12 hours. I Have 29 hours in Deserts of Kharak now, throw in 1 hour of browsing the prospectors guide and that leaves 16 hours of that time to multiplayer. Every single time I’ve gone for a game I have had to shift my region location and every passing day the community is getting smaller and smaller (24 people in the steam group chat at the moment, only 13 of which are playing Deserts of Kharak).

^ here is a list of the history of online players for Deserts of Kharak. Look at that graph. We’ve gone from 7,000 players to 500 in a week.

^ Now look at Wargame: Red Dragon, Company of Heroes 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (RUSE is unavailable because Ubisoft decided to remove it from the Steam store this Christmas for some really bizzare reason). When you have 3 veteran games that have been out for years, two of which (Sins and Wargame) started with barely over 2,000! initial players (28% of Kharak’s launch population!) that all have bigger player counts than a game that’s been out for a week, you have a serious problem.

(Force User) #9

It’s pretty common to get accused of white knighting when you don’t go at a company with pitchforks and torches to try and get your point across. I’ve made many suggestions and constructive criticisms of the game, especially with regards ot the multiplayer, using COH2 as an example of how things can be improved many times. It’s not what you are saying, it’s how you are trying to get the point across. The Devs are all mature adults, why is treating them as such so bad? What I’m also trying to get across is that your focus is off. You are focusing on the wrong things, you think you’ve identified where the problem is but your assessment is incorrect.

Take for example how COH2 does it’s matchmaking and how DoK does it. First off you don’t have ranked vs non ranked. so instead of 4 total different ‘pools’ of players, you have 6 in DoK. To worsen this however is that in COH2 you can select multiple pools at the same time, basically increasing the total pool of players you can play with. There’s also no visual feedback like the % things in COH2. There also isn’t vs AI auto matching in DoK relying on public game queue. Last night I created a game on the public queue, named it 3v3 comp stomp and got players within 10 seconds. That’s not a dead or dying game. There was also 2 games up when I made my game.

I get you’re frustrated but you’re comparing DoK to games that are sequels to hugely successful recent games (Wargame, COH) games that have millions of copies sold (COH2) or that have been out for many years and have multiple expansions is just putting the game down without any constructive intent. COH2, when it’s balancing was at its worst, was super hard to find matches in, often times waiting for 10min+ and then ending up against a 3 man pre made of all 3 star players.

There’s a huge amount of potential. I can see it, the Devs know it and want it. mos tof the playerbase wants it but no community was built in a day and doom and gloom is definitely not helping build that community.

(JAViL15) #10

I am well aware the devs are adults, and I am aware that criticism should be given fairly, all other criticism I have made here I’d like to think I’ve stated politely. I have resorted to the strong wording of my recent reply because this is singlehandely one of the biggest problems I have seen in a multiplayer game launch, the game player count has already dropped below the numbers of old games like Sins which started with tiny player bases. Wargame is 2 years old now, and she started with a small player count which has consistently stayed the same, another title kharak has dropped below.

Both Soase and Wargame started with 2,000 players, Kharak started with 7,000 and is already below them in player count.

CoH2 was bad, no doubt about that. Only reason it has a multiplayer community that stuck with them after they fixed it is because they sold the said million copies.

You say waiting for 10 seconds one time or waiting 10 minutes usually nets a game. The problem is in all 3 other games shared you can get a game instantly. You also say that comparing Kharak to successful recent RTS’s is a bad thing, is that not the very thing we should be comparing Kharak to?

There is certainly a huge potential in this game, I can also see it, I’ve played 16 hours of multiplayer alone and loved every second of it. I’m upset because this really is a trainwreck, there is no other way to put it. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done soon :confused:

(Force User) #11

I think this sense of urgency people have is… misplaced when it comes to RTS games. The devs and GBX is committed to supporting the game for a long time (Look at HW:RM for example) so I think we can take a deep breath and be a little patient about this. I play a LOT of games, even over the course of a single night. I have DoK in my library and it’s not going anywhere, same as COH2. I only play COH2 maybe one a week with some very specific friends and that’s ok. An RTS community is somehting that’s built over time. It’s not a week 1 thing. And this region filtering is not going to kill the game. The severity of it is vastly overstated, same as many things were overstated with the HW:RM multiplayer. Thinking particularly of how the lobby was seen as the holy grail of MP but in the end it didn’t suddenly turn the game into a MP powerhouse.

It just feels like people are running around proclaiming it’s the end of the world only a week after launch. Instead share some good times. Record some games if you can or just do write ups of an awesome MP game. What do you think will draw more people to DoK? Doom and gloom and hyperbolic proclamations of the game is dying or writeups of awesome multiplayer games?

And Yes, by all means give critisms and suggestions! The devs specifically made threads that they are actively monitoring on their forums specifically for this! It just seems to me that you think the devs wont listen/respond if I don’t spam the same negative doom and gloom post on 4 different sites. That doesn’t sound like you’re treating the devs as adults is all I’m saying. You’re basically saying that you don’t believe the Devs when they say they are closely monitoring the threads they made on their own forums.

We can either believe the Devs when they say they are looking into it/investigating it or we can call them liars :confused:

Ok that last bit might be a bit unfair but that’s how people from the outside will see it.

(JAViL15) #12

Yeah I guess you’re right we don’t need to be urgent. It’s just the dream of a 7,000 playerbase Kharak multiplayer scene I get from those initial player levels, and then it just slips away.

I do hope this community builds, the game has so much potential. We can indeed hope that the devs look into it and create a great product out of this.

(Kerfilicious) #13

Felt like I wanted to pitch in a bit.

If you then consider a player base of 500 people split over the whole world we end up with not even a 100 players per region (I take it the steam charts are global).

So here’s the issue: I live in Sweden, my region is set to Los Angeles. Last night I played a good few games with a dude from India, but it was when a Russian joined the game that we had lag issues. I had a game with a dude from Africa, again, it was when a European joined that we got the lag. It does not matter what region I play in, there will always be people who have a bad connection, or a bad computer. That’s why the ping meter became a norm in the first place! I’ve played with people from all over the world, but the horrible lag isn’t consistent with the regions. That is why I question their decision.

In HW’s case the region lock was a mistake, GB specifically called it a miscommunication between Steam and SHIFT (If I remember correctly). I don’t feel anyone is pulling out pitchforks (albeit there are indeed heated “discussions” on the HW:RM side). What irks me is the whole ordeal of something called a mistake in the past, is now called a feature. A feature that a lot of us is doing our best to circumvent.

If the latency is the issue, add a ping-meter, and let the players decide on who should get in on the action. Again, we’re talking about a 500 playerbase GLOBALLY. There is no community to build if we don’t play with each-other, it’s just the truth of things.

What I do not understand is that we have stuck around for more than 10 years. From what I know, this region lock has not come about due to player feedback, and without an explanation that makes actual sense it has to be questioned. GB knows the HW community is global, and fractured. Again, it makes no sense to then fracture it further.

The TS was really clear on what we want, and above is just my thinking around that, and should be considered a different perspective, and not counter arguments.

(Force User) #14

Why is it so important to YOU that we do not offer feedback to features we dislike?

GB has been open about wanting critique, and if they implement a feature that was called a mistake in the past, why should we NOT comment on that?

And lastly, do you think the game would benefit from the silencing of critique?

I do not understand?


I think it’s time to suggest that you talk about the game -including polite and calm criticism- rather than each other. Or use PMs if you both really want this discussion.

(And by ‘suggest’ I do of course mean ‘insist’.)

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It was a momentary madness!

retreats into the shadows

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Well that would explain the non-existent multiplayer scene.
(I’m in OCE as well)

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