Please Discount the BL: TPS Season Pass on the 360

Look, I bought the game day 1 for the 360 and have held out on the Season Pass because I thought it was a bit too pricey.

Now it’s gotten even worse as you’re intending to essentially give the DLC away to people who buy the Handsome Jack Collection for the One.

Any chance you might be able to drop the price of the Season Pass on the 360? By like 50% or more? It’s kind of ridiculous that you still expect me to pay top-dollar when I supported the game on what you originally announced would be the only platform for which it would be available, and then you’re just handing it to One owners.

Please consider doing this as a “thank you” to those of us who supported you on the 360. Thanks.

Not trying to be a dick but the price is the price,want it cheaper wait for a sale


That’s what I’m asking for, mate.


the season pass is different for TPS, it’s barely worth the money, since there is so little content it covers- unlike BL2.

why anyone would get the season pass this time is beyond me. it only covers ONE campaign expansion plus the new classes?

how could that be worth it

It isn’t worth it, blawsonhull, which is part of the point of my wanting a discount.

It still has content with achievements, though, so I’m interested in that stuff and I want it as cheaply as possible since they’re giving it away on the One.

And there was quite a bit of content not covered in the BL2 Season Pass as well…

Definitely not news, so moved to general discussion.

Fine. Whatever. I didn’t know where to put it.

But instead of just moving it though, could maybe someone at Gearbox acknowledge what I’m saying?

dear gear box

I also bought the season pass for the 360 but don’t plan on playing on the 360 since I just can’t go back to it so will be playing on the xbone, so I will pay $60, then $30 (still kinda salty on that one as the season pass was a bait and switch, kinda) now I will pay another $60 for it on the xbone

in the end $150 for the same game… salty as heck but will still pay it.

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2K, the publishers, tend to decide this sort of thing, rather than gearbox, I believe.

It’s Gearbox’s game, they can negotiate with 2K or Take-Two or whoever should’ve already come to the decision to lower the price of the goddamn DLC on the 360.

Bro take it easy ok? you’re going to bust a spring

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No I’m not, I’m just tired of people’s deflecting responses.

They need to lower the price of the DLC and it’s not just because I want it to happen.

It’s not right what they’re doing to their customers and they should fix it. If they can afford to give the DLC away to people on the One, then they can afford to lower the price on the 360.

That’s a very simple equation in my estimation.

I’m just saying cussing about it will only get your thread locked and you won’t get to express your opinion at all

big difference with BL2 you got FOUR campaign expansions and UVHM upgrade included for the same price as the TPS season pass.

Captain Scarlet, Tiny Tina’s, Torgue, and Hammerlocks. That is a TON of content

in TPS you have 2 classes each counting the same as one entire campaign add on lol… plus holodome which is SMALLER than Digistruct Peak, which itself was too small to count as part of the season pass content. the saddest part of this for me is that they have shown they only intend on adding 1 campaign expansion :frowning: i’m still looking forward to it but its’ sad, considering there is zero news about BL3 and we don’t even have confirmation that they are working on it at all.

Just trying to provide you with some facts to help you with your opinion.

Sure, but you didn’t get Gaige (unless you pre-ordered) or Kreig and not a single headhunter DLC was included. So, yeah, there was still a lot not covered by the BL2 Season Pass.

In fact, the BL2 Season Pass was such a disappointment, that it was a huge factor in why I didn’t get the pass for TPS.

I really only want the content with achievements attached, but I’d rather they discount the Season Pass (since it’s already technically a discount on purchasing all the DLC) so I could get everything as cheaply as possible.

that’s true you didn’t get the classes, or the headhunter packs. but you still got a ---- ton more content than the TPS season pass gives you, which is why i was shocked to hear anybody would pick it up. saving $9.99 over the course of 12 months amounts to less than saving $1 per month…

what about the ps3 or pc versions? not trying to be rude but you’re not grasping the concept bro. think what you want to think but this is normal business practice, and it happens in EVERY industry. either wait or wait. i get you want to buy it cheap, i get it, i do. i was exuberant to give them money on release for the game and season pass, i didnt preorder and still got the SDSP! for me it was more than worth it. i even bought 2 copies of BL2 and the season pass at release and the extra chars and upgrade packs. and will likely buy another copy of TPS for PS3. For example buying an item the day before black friday then going back the next day and complaining and demanding a refund because you didnt get the sale price. things dont work like that bud.

and how can you say BL2 season pass was a disappointment?

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I only mentioned the 360 because that’s what I’m playing on, but of course I’d like PS3/PC owners to have the same benefit.


They announced that they were not making a next-gen version of the game, but went ahead and did it anyway. And then to add insult to injury they give them the DLC, too?

This is the major impetus for me wanting them to discount it as soon as possible, not just because I’m tired of waiting but because they still expect me to pay full price.

And I said the BL2 season pass was a disappointment because that’s my opinion.

I dont mean to offend but your tones are all wrong for getting the effect you want. you bet more bees with honey yadda yadda. their wording could have been better but you get what they include. those who waited to get the pass are better off i agree but i personally dont feel slighted in the least. and to stress i get you want to save money but your appraoch i wrong :smile:
they give it waya to people who get the Game of the Year Edition too :smile: