Please Discount the BL:TPS Season Pass on the 360

Look, I bought the game day 1 for the 360 and have held out on the Season Pass because I thought it was a bit too pricey.

Now it’s gotten even worse as you’re intending to essentially give the DLC away to people who buy the Handsome Jack Collection for the One.

Any chance you might be able to drop the price of the Season Pass on the 360? By like 50% or more? It’s kind of ridiculous that you still expect me to pay top-dollar when I supported the game on what you originally announced would be the only platform for which it would be available, and then you’re just handing it to One owners.

Please consider doing this as a “thank you” to those of us who supported you on the 360. Thanks.

What about us who payrd already

Like me who already has all the content plus season passes for both games, I can wait for a sale or buy it on release if I want to play it on the Xone,quite frankly I’m glad the choice is available now

No use crying over spilt milk is my attitude on it

You shouldn’t have given them money.

I’m willing to wait for a sale, what I’m asking them to do is put it on sale for the 360.

I don’t have a One and won’t be getting one soon, so I want the content on the 360, cheaply I might add, since they’re giving it away to One owners

Why does this concept seem so difficult for people to grasp?

what about the ps3 or pc versions? and why did you post twice. not trying to be rude but you’re not grasping the concept bro. think what you want to think but this is normal business practice, and it happens in EVERY industry. either wait or wait. i get you want to buy it cheap, i get it, i do. i was exuberant to give them money on release for the game and season pass, i didnt preorder and still got the SDSP! for me it was more than worth it.

No need for 2 threads on this.