Please, do not overnerf and think of both sides of the story

Alani is a cool character and I can’t wait to see what Pendles is like. I believe most people who complain about Alani being OP are the ones that play PvP all the time. PvP is not the only mode in Battleborn FYI. If she gets nerved too much, how will she be able to be useful in PvE? When you think about a character needing some adjustments, think of both sides of the story. I’m ok with her maybe having one more nerf such as damage reduction but please do not overnerf Alani. This is just my opinion. Feel free to say what you think of this subject.

Bro, she tops dmg in PvE, AS A SUPPORT.

FYI, Alani isn’t a full support character, compared to like, Miko or Kleese, just saying…and shouldn’t you be happy she does well in Story Mode? =p


Sure I am happy she does well, but she does TO WELL.

I suppose, but I just hope she does not get nerfed to the point she gets weak.

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What do you honestly think about how much damage she does?

Definitely needs a nerf in damage

I never said she doesn’t need to be nerfed, I just do not want her to get overnerfed that is all. I am not trying to start an argument here.

Alani is a combat healer. She deals damage to heal. Shoot, heal, repeat. I do feel her topping dmg is a little much, but I think of her as being like Katara from Avatar. She fights hard and heals hard.

I’m personally more worried of everyone calling for nerfs to characters and then every character becomes overly weak and PvE missions become impossible.

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Yeah, I agree with what you said about that last bit.

The stuff that you said in the 2nd paragraph was exactly what I am trying to talk about in this topic. I just didn’t know how to type it out in words so thank you.

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I don’t think you need to be too worried because every character they’ve nerfed so far is still decent. No one’s really been over nerfed yet.

I would advocate for her extrended knock up vs players on her gayser to be removed. It’s too brutal.


If you ask me the health part was good but a little less dmg or movement speed buff time or even a second off of the bubble stun would be amazing chars like melka who for the first 4 levels get destroyed and have to get their XP from building and hopefully a couple minion kills and assists and are pretty slow when skills aren’t off cool down making them like the easiest targets in the game even more so than no shield tanks.

the actual player stun bit on her geyser is only a second long to begin with. also a good melka can run circles around alani, even at start

For me, Mellka’s two most important skills are levels 1 and 2, so the start really isn’t that bad.

lol, you’re a funny guy. Ambra would like a word with you.

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Ambra is still one of the hardest characters in the game to kill

Hardest to kill =/= good/balanced.

She does almost no damage, must be in melee range for all attacks. Worst support ability in the game. Was massively nerfed 3 times and nerfed again recently that was unneeded. She went from massively OP to pretty much pointless. Low damage and non existent support abilities compared to other support classes.