Please DO NOT remove the new anointments introduced during the Cartel event

This guy speaks my mind…
Removing the new anoitments like 150% rad dmg, 300% dmg 90%, ASS shield break effect etc just doesn’t make sense!
These aren’t even related to the event like the Terror anointments were!!
These are some of the best anointments that make the game less … stale (?) in a while…
Just don’t do that dev… Listen to us


I 100% agree with moxsy’ latest video. It does add more diversity to the game and I would like these new anointments to stay, please acknowledge this devs

Whoa this is the first ive heard of this! Why the hell would they not keep them, this is the stupidest thing ive heard of from GXB. Makes no sense. Whats the logic of removing them, Im just now trying to get gear for my fl4k build but this will negate all my work. :angry:

This I really just don’t understand. They clearly stated at the beginning the annointments would be gone with the event ending.

Should they stay? Sure, that would be nice. But keep in mind with the upcoming changes it might complicate things as well. More to balance.

Do we really need another new thread about this?

The mods have already had to clean up a bunch of these.


I hope they do not remove either the guns or the anointments. I am on the verge of calling it quits. Why am i even playing these events if they just take everything away after? Also breaking a build it has taken me a month to perfect.

The only guns viable in Mayhem 10 are the dlc and event guns with few or no exceptions. The scaling on normal guns is horrible.

I don’t know how many hours i’ve farmed finally getting the good anointment for my gun, just to have it potentially taken away.

If anything players should be rewarded for playing these by being able to keep anything dropped during the events, even if they stop dropping after the event.

I was starting to like the diversity with anointments. I’m hoping they change their mind and leave it the new anointments and guns. If not i might say goodbye. :frowning:

They’re staying: