Please do something about ANOINTED MILITANTS

So in my opinion. These are the worst design of an enemy in any game I’ve ever played. That is not an exaggeration, a joke, or embellishment. It’s how I honestly feel. Being in my 40’s I’ve played a lot of games, including looter-shooters/mmo’s etc. I’ve experience a ton of enemy mechanics.

Anointed Militant’s mechanics are anti-fun, non-counter-able and just plain frustrating. In MH4 this is now exaggerated ten fold.

I watch a lot of videos from friends, and a lot of various streams. Every single person I’ve ever seen encounter this enemy spends the whole time saying how annoying and frustrating they are.

Here are some direct quotes: “This is not fun”, “This enemy is so stupid”, “This is so annoying”, “Militants should be removed from the game”, “OMG why are you so annoying”, "“Immune immune immune immune”, “WHY does it spam it’s fire attack over and over”, “This is the worst designed enemy ever”, “GBX please remove this from the game”, “Why GBX?”, “This makes me want to exit the game”, “Why do I have to spend the whole fight waiting for it to stop cheating?”, the list can go on all day of actual things I’ve heard people say to express just how stupid this enemy is.

It’s been brought up on this forum and reddit many times before. But gets seemingly ignored by GBX and they have never adjusted them. I hope it’s not a pride thing and it’s just been a priority thing.

I would be most happy to just see this failure of an experimental enemy deleted from the game never to be seen or mentioned again. An adjustment at least would help, put a 1 minute cooldown on that damn overpowered fire attack. And make it so it’s not always holding the stupid shield. AND fix it so you can actually see the dang shield.

Tonight I spent 10 minutes fighting this one enemy in a simple mobbing scenario only because every time I came into it’s LOS it went invulnerable with fire spam. I’m SO tired of it. PLEASE GEARBOX!

@Noelle_GBX please pretty please make sure this gets seen by someone important! Please <3


I wouldn’t care too much to those annointed azzholes if they didn’t teleport to my area to harrass me in me doing stuffs/farming. The fact they do that to get in my way with their super health and nonstop immunity just make me wish they just get deleted from the game

Without the immunity they would be easy to deal with but I hate that AND they can’t be ignored. Pair this with multiple annointed especially double or triple Militants


The bullsh*t begins below otherwise known as my most recent run-in with an anointed militant.


This is actually a very tame encounter with them compared to most. Only had him do the fire thing once. Sometimes you get off easier like this. Other time’s he just does the fire over and over as I saw in one of your other encounters with them in this series.

But I want to point out the utter frustration in @studdugie 's voice when he is fighting this thing. This is not how you should want your players to feel.

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Because there is such a mountain of problems that need fixed with this game right now, it almost pains me to ask for any kind of balancing issue… however,

When I’m playing online in a group, it can be a good group… everything fast and fluid… progressing through areas very nice… then we hit an annointed millitant and the game. just. stops. completely. for several minutes. The whole immunity to everything for 80-90% of the time these mobs are up is absurd… boring… does not increase the challenge of the game… simply throws a wrench in the flow of the game. As the OP said… there are never any good comments in chat while, or after, fighting these.


It gets worse because there like 2 more I have to deal with.


The Anointed Enemies are supposed to be based on their unanointed counterparts, so, if the enemy must stay, it should at least have it’s shield be Disableable. Like we can get enforcers to drop their shields. This should also be counterable.


I just posted something similar to this in another thread about M4 but it’s worth cross-posting it here because GB needs to read these complaints over and over and over and over like a complaint immunity phase that never ends…maybe then they will understand.

I can handle much of M4. Even just dealt with 2 anointed militants at once. Got them both down to a sliver. One died but the other one just starts going into it’s incendiary immune phase with like 1% health over and over and over and over and over. I can’t get near it without this happening and it’s 100% immune so I can’t kill it and then l finally die with it at 1% health. This is so F*ING stupid. This is NOT fun. Either tone down the M4 or fix the anointed mobs to not be so damn obnoxious.


I love how you put this, so fitting.


Eh, there are worse in my opinion. They are annoying, but not unbeatable. Just have to keep moving and use corrosive/fire. They go immune when you are too close. Just scream REEEEE and back off.

P.s. M4 Badass Evil eye zealots/hackhounds put a bee in my bonnet. Grrrrr…

I swear they switch to immune phase spam as a survival tactic, like the anointed tinks that teleports behind you with a machine gun every time you get a second wind.
The AI is almost trolling OP builds by using cheap tactics…like gamers do on hard games.:thinking:

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Could elaborate on why it is bad for him to spend "this much time in the forums "? Just wanna know what you’re thinking.


I think you’d be surprised how many of us here are around this age (47 here).


I honestly feel that if your less than 30 and not out on a Friday night, that’s even worse than a 40yo who is most likely a dad hanging at home after putting the kiddos to bed. I’m 42,just put the kid to bed and checked the forums after working full time all week. what’s your excuse? lol anyway, to stay on topic, there needs to be a cool down for immune phases, too much spamming abilities.


It’s ok guys you don’t need to defend me. I already flagged the off-topic/inappropriate post.

I’ll add here just in case anyone is actually curious. That yes I’m a father, I’m also disabled and I game all day while my daughter is at high school. She spends a lot of time after school hanging with her friends as she’s a social bee (has one over atm). I have the forums open while I’m gaming and just tab over during my frequent breaks I have to take due to pain issues. It is what it is, and I make the most of my situation doing things I enjoy and am passionate about, which right now is BL3.

But lets get back on topic to my other passion. How much I hate Anointed Militants. <3


thanks for the mature response, I’m not just defending you, but all people who are older gamers with lives. I feel us elders deserve more respect :wink: anyway, game on brother.


I think you’d be surprised I probably do and don’t give two ■■■■■, asides from tha pompousness.
What does that have to do with my comment?
Btw I actually think his idea is good I thought 30 seconds was fine but not much after seeing his minute idea

I think you replied to the wrong person, he is on your side dude.


Anointed Militants are akin to getting knifes stuck through your eye balls while being kicked in the testicles.

Running Anvil for a rebel yell and ran into three of them in M4 with Zane, 30 minutes (or more) later I finally got past them with a combo of sniping and fire cutsman from distance. Every time I got close they would go fire immune on me.

Whoever thought this was a great idea, it’s not. Whoever it is I am sure that person is a hard worker, and probably a nice person, but everyone makes mistakes and we can’t crank out winners all the time.

Anointed Militants are a terrible, regrettable, unfortunate mistake. Please fix it ASAP gearbox. Every BL3 player will thank you. We might even forget about bugs and balance issues for a week.