Please do something about ANOINTED MILITANTS

No sweat dude. :+1:

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Anointed Militants are the Rabid Skags of BL3

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Just had 5 Anointed Militants in a row in one M4 Anvil run before I even got to the first gate. I managed to get through them but holy crap how damn annoying and game play loop breaking. Most of the time is just spent sitting and waiting. Not fun.


Yeah, I kinda think they’re bugged. They just act… weird… sometimes (meaning a lot of the time, heh.) The inexplicable immune thing, they sometimes have this tendency to lose aggro and wander around aimlessly, the perma-Archvile thing…

All the kiddies scream “git gud” at you when you bring up dealing with them, but no brah, there’s just plain something effed up with those fellers IMO.


Yeah this is another odd behavior I just experienced, I think they are looking for allies when they get low on HP or something. I notice if there is anything else around they will wander to them once they get in trouble, otherwise they do this aimless wandering away from you thing. Also their shield is so buggy, sometimes even blocking hits from behind. Everything about these guys screams ‘not intended’.


been saying, just like everyone else, since day 1. GIVE. THEM. COOLDOWNS. YESTERDAY.


It is strange that many COV enemies do not have cooldowns. No reloading rockets, no limit on purple teleporting, no limit on immunity spam.

I begin to wonder if Gearbox does not know how to program cooldown or enemy reloads. Coding seems like a royally difficult profession, so I wonder if all the things breaking is because the programmer is like: How do I get this to work?

I could not even properly center my “Hello World” message. :blush:


Exactly how I feel anout these. Please GBX, fix them.

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Going to update OP with this video.

But I just ran Anvil again on Mh4 because well I hate myself I guess. Before this clip took place I had already fought 4 Anointed Militants.

The first one at the very beginning who was accompanied by an Anointed Zealot, fun. The next one at the next section just past the snipers, accompanied by an Anointed Tink. The next one at the huts at the spot just before this with 2 Triple Bar rocket badasses, even more “fun”. Then the fourth was in this same spot this guy is, as soon as I killed it, and the Zealot it came with, this very cool guy spawned and started showing me how fun gameplay can be.

The clip ends when I decide to stop playing tonight because I’ve had way too much fun.

Please gearbox.


I would remove immunities to fire and corrosive at all times except when they do the nova charge phase. The shield creates too many problems and makes all their hitbox act like a shield. It should only act like a absorb reflect shield but shouldn’t absorb fire or corrosive if it’s too hard to fix it

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Last night, I had two of them constantly shielding each other so it took a good 10 minutes just to whittle them down. You’re absolutely accurate.


Everyone has been complaining about them since Day 1. GearBox just don’t give a rat ass about players.

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Oh man… we need a Transformer shield but for Fire (call it the Peltier or something). If they could be knocked out of this phase (like with a headshot), there might be some tasty risk/reward there.

As I look at this video (usually seen through my frantic scrambling for cover), it occurs to me that they’re 1) vulnerable (which is better than immune), and 2) they don’t move. Grenades/reloads that leave AoE damage would get their full effect since he’s basically trapped in that spot. I’ve got a couple Tediore Gibberguns with his name on them.

What!? Because if they were vulnerable then this thread wouldn’t exist.

Whoops - saw some damage in that video when the rockets hit him, but he had just finished his fire routine.

You’re still too close man. Line of sight isn’t what makes them stop the fire thingy. It’s range. If I was in that situation I would run up to the left on the platform. You can get distance and see him, then re engage.

What about anointed enemies in general? I feel like they ALL need a lil lookin at.


The others are tough but not broken. What makes the anointed broken IMO is:

  • glitchy immunity loop with no apparent cool down
  • glitch immunity where his shield is not up yet he is magically immune
  • fire attack while immune loop with no apparent cool down

And here is why that’s a problem. You simply have to wait until he unglitches however long that is. In other words the only counter is waiting. That’s just plain not fun and stupid. When the game mechanic to an enemy is waiting an indeterminate amount of time the game has failed!

I know some of you are going to miss the nuance in the previous paragraph so let me spell it out. It’s not the waiting that’s the real problem because waiting can be a legit yet sucky game mechanic (e.g., immunity phases in boss fight). It’s the combination of waiting AND the indeterminate nature of the wait that’s problematic.

I’m not just going to complain. The title of this topic has the phrase “do something” in it so I’m going to try to help the GBX devs that dropped the ball on this by giving some suggestions on how to “fix” the militant because I don’t necessarily believe they should be removed from the game.

  • He can be immune ONLY when his shield is up and that immunity only affects the front of him.
  • Immunity has a minimum 30 second cooldown
  • His fire AOE attack has a minimum 30 second cooldown

Funny you try to blame me and say that. But I originally started fighting him from there. You can see before I started the vid I had done some damage. But you know it’s not like he just doesnt move and well there was a lot less ways to avoid his ■■■■■■■■ fire from there. I had ended up retreating to where I was because originally he moved too close to the other end.

If you do this then they also need more limited duration because this would still be chain-able one after another (they last about 30s). That’s why I said 1 minute on the fire.

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