Please do something about ANOINTED MILITANTS

Whoops - saw some damage in that video when the rockets hit him, but he had just finished his fire routine.

You’re still too close man. Line of sight isn’t what makes them stop the fire thingy. It’s range. If I was in that situation I would run up to the left on the platform. You can get distance and see him, then re engage.

What about anointed enemies in general? I feel like they ALL need a lil lookin at.


The others are tough but not broken. What makes the anointed broken IMO is:

  • glitchy immunity loop with no apparent cool down
  • glitch immunity where his shield is not up yet he is magically immune
  • fire attack while immune loop with no apparent cool down

And here is why that’s a problem. You simply have to wait until he unglitches however long that is. In other words the only counter is waiting. That’s just plain not fun and stupid. When the game mechanic to an enemy is waiting an indeterminate amount of time the game has failed!

I know some of you are going to miss the nuance in the previous paragraph so let me spell it out. It’s not the waiting that’s the real problem because waiting can be a legit yet sucky game mechanic (e.g., immunity phases in boss fight). It’s the combination of waiting AND the indeterminate nature of the wait that’s problematic.

I’m not just going to complain. The title of this topic has the phrase “do something” in it so I’m going to try to help the GBX devs that dropped the ball on this by giving some suggestions on how to “fix” the militant because I don’t necessarily believe they should be removed from the game.

  • He can be immune ONLY when his shield is up and that immunity only affects the front of him.
  • Immunity has a minimum 30 second cooldown
  • His fire AOE attack has a minimum 30 second cooldown

Funny you try to blame me and say that. But I originally started fighting him from there. You can see before I started the vid I had done some damage. But you know it’s not like he just doesnt move and well there was a lot less ways to avoid his ■■■■■■■■ fire from there. I had ended up retreating to where I was because originally he moved too close to the other end.

If you do this then they also need more limited duration because this would still be chain-able one after another (they last about 30s). That’s why I said 1 minute on the fire.

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If the cooldown timer begins at the end of the fire attack how would it still be chain-able?

I meant chaining one of them after another not chaining the same one. He should have some window of where he does something besides blocking all your damage :smiley:

The weird part I find about this enemy is he doesn’t really even attack you. Just holds his shield then goes into fire. I’d like to see a window between where he does something to try and kill you.


My first constraint takes care of that because it requires that he can be immune ONLY while his shield is up. So since his shield can’t be up at the same time he is doing is fire attack we should be okay.

I don’t mind that his AI is to be a tank for his team instead of being an assault character like the psycho. It makes the game challenging and dynamic because it forces us to reposition.

Well if you look at his non-anointed counterpart. It try’s to attack while it’s shielding it’s friends. For one he has a tiny vulnerable spot you can use skill to hit to make him move his shield (his hand), next he has a gun he’s trying to shoot at you with that hand. Finally he throws nades opening up tiny opportunities to land a skillshot on his head.

This is the type of behavior I want to see.

With what you are saying, he would just throw his shield and go fire immune. Then when fire immune is done he can have his shield back rinse-repeat. Which would be fine, if he had behaviors like I mentioned here.

No repositioning is required with the normal militant. So we can keep moving in a straight line. While the anointed, with his impenetrable shield, means we have to flank him or in the case of Zane get close and stumble him. Plus if they implement my first constraint he is even more vulnerable in multi-player and in single player to Zane clone builds.

Ten characters :grin:

And if you aren’t playing a Deterrence field/clone build? Then he auto faces you like every other enemy in the game.

Hmm … make him susceptible to splash damage then?

Given the cooldown requirement for immunity then we just have to wait out the initial shield. Which means they DEFINITELY need to specify a duration for his shield immunity.

What I would like to see is similar behavior to his counter part. If you manage to sneak enough damage past his shield, he throws it, instead of just having to wait it out. Make it take quite a bit or whatever, but make it possible to control the fight through good play instead of ‘wait’.

With the fire immune all you can do is literally wait. So make it not happen very often or reduce the time I have to sit there twiddling my thumbs. Either one would make me satisfied. Being able to do it every 30s is still way too lame.

Consider also we are talking about this like it’s a 1 on 1 fight. Many times I get 3 of those suckers at once. That’s a big part of what makes this fire attack so dumb, when multiple of them are constantly doing it.


Here is the fundamental issue I have with his fire attack being combined with immunity. You can’t kill him and get a second wind when his fire attack down you. I think that if you are being attacked then you should be able to counter attack. In other words every attack from an enemy should provide a counter attack opportunity for you the player if you are skilled enough to exploit it.


Just threw some strategy at you. Guess it didn’t stick. GL

I know how to kill them, like I said multiple times he was my 5th Militant in this run. That’s not the point of the topic.

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Ain’t trying to get into a fight guy. Just threw some strategy at ya. Seems everyone just wants to be mad and not constructive. Not my thing. GL