Please don't do DLC/additional content like you did with Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is an amazing game with some great DLC. Assault on Dragon’s Keep is one of the best DLC’s I’ve ever played. At the same time the amount of content packs was really annoying and made figuring out what I had/what I was missing a pain. On top of that you had so many of them that it ended up feeling like Gearbox was trying to nickel and dime players. Then the GOTY version came out meaning I’m stuck with an incomplete game despite my having paid more for my version of the game than what the GOTY cost. It’s very confusing and didn’t endear your company to me. I love the Borderlands series and dislike not liking anyone so can you please just make a few DLC’s packed with lots of content and stop with the little $2-$3 content packs. That and if you do come out with a GOTY edition later at least give those of us with the original version a decent permanent discount when we go to buy stuff we may not have been able to pick up when the game is new.


Well, I think you need to be prepared for multiple Season Passes. Now you can buy Super Duper edition with Season Pass (4 additional stories will be released in the year after BL3 launches). I’m pretty sure there will be more content after that, it could be Season Pass 2 or something like Headhunters, but for sure it will not stop after the first Season Pass.


The fact that they’re adding new modular cosmetic parts, like skins and trinkets implies they intend to monetize the game pretty heavily. I’d expect there to be more DLC than we’ve seen before, which I don’t mind if its good content at a reasonable price. The more Borderlands the better.


I do not agree at all.
On the contrary, I want tons of DLC.


IF the base game itself is fulfilling, i see no issue with DLC’s.


DLC for borderlands is great for the big expansion packs. I do agree if its small stuff like cosmetics but in that case just don’t get them.


I have nothing against DLC as long as it adds something significant. My issue is with the confusing amount of additional content and packages that came out. There were multiple different ways of getting different things and it made it difficult to figure out what to buy. I still have no idea if I get the BL2 GOTY if I’ll be getting all that additional content or if some of the extra content that was for sale was for the base original game only.

See what I mean? Maybe it’s easy for some people to figure out but I shouldn’t have to go looking up two or three different versions of something to find out whether I’ve everything or what I need to do to get it all. I can’t help feeling like they do that on purpose so that people will get a bunch of extra stuff they don’t need.


I love the idea of more Borderlands. I’m fine with DLC. I don’t like the idea of them going the Rockstar route. We’ve seen how much Rockstar’s monetization has watered down the IP and turned it into a meaningless online moneygrab.


Nah, I’m good with DLC/Expansion packs. The more playable content the better.
Most of the BL2 expansions were good, so if they keep the quality up, that’ll be awesone.

The cosmetics DLC is easily avoided. At least with those people know exactly what they’re going to get, so it’s not some stupid lucky dip and hope you get a skin you want.


Yeah that would be very not cool. Something as simple as a new skin, if i like it enough, can bring me back to a game if i’ve taken a break. I like stuff like that, if i’m free to choose what i want. No gacha or supply drop rng. That would be a really bad move


There were a few areas that passed things against sale of “lootboxes” in the past year or so that resulted in a number of games ending support in those areas.

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There is a map of the universe in the collectors edition, and we will be traveling to multiple planets. Maybe the 4 DLC packs will be new planets to go to and vaults to hunt.


I definitely think that having a comprehensive, understandable storefront is important.
That said, I don’t think that huge amounts of DLC like Borderlands 2 is a problem. The headhunter packs were nice to have.
I don’t even think non-content DLC is bad. Trinkets, gun skins, character customization, etc. are fine by me as long as they don’t effect stats. If 2K is going to monetize the game, I really hope they keep it to statistics and don’t do something stupid like selling loot chests.

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Actually a thought that came to mind is by taking it to outer space we could be seeing seasons of DLC packs like a few other game titles have done in recent years since they could in theory keep adding more planets to visit with new villians.


I’m with you! I like every little bit I get from the Borderlands.


As somebody who owns both Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis 4 I do not understand what you mean with too many content DLC (I’m ignoring the head/skin DLC’s).

You do not even need to scroll the store page, that’s nothing.

My main concern is that by being OK with lots of little additional content packs like seasonal packs, DLC, skins, custom outfits etc. it’s just encouraging publishers to throw a bunch of stuff on the store page in a way that confuses people so that they won’t know what’s 'needed ’ (who wants to miss out on DLC?) and stuff they may feel is trash. It’s a tactic a lot of shady businesses have used to inflate peoples sense of a games value. “Oh-this game must be good. Look at all the content.”

Clean, simple n’ neat. That’s how content should be sold. We don’t need publishers turning into car dealerships with all their redundant extra options that add little value and over-inflate the cost.


I definitely see where you’re coming from. It’d be nice if the would go and separate it into two categories of “Content” DLC with subcategories of headhunter-esque packs and full story DLC, and then “Cosmetic” DLC with the subcategories of weapon skins, character skins, trinkets, etc.


Bear in mind when BL2 launched games didn’t really have in game stores outside of things like F2P MMO’s. So the only option left was to sell the skin/head packs and all the small content packs the same way they did the season pass DLC’s. This I would expect to be different in BL3


While I can kind of understand where this is coming from I have to say I want a lot of DLC, especially content DLC. GBX could be doing more campaigns for BL2 still and I buy them so I could have more content in that game.
I truly hope BL3 will go beyond 4 DLC campaigns and I also hope that those campaigns are handled in house.
I just hope we don’t see stuff like having to couch up cash for stand alone weapons or things like that. That I would not be a fan of.