Please don't let micro transactions or loot boxes ruin borderlands 3

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They could very well still add micro transactions for the single player, but this gives me a lot of hope

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That’s… not any better. poorly titled at the least.


No pvp in a co-op/multiplayer game = I will never buy it

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What about monster hunter? Or do you mean multiplayer only games?

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Then I will assume you never played the first three borderlands and have no reason to continue interest in the franchise.


Your assumption is correct. Nevertheless, I got very interested on getting involved in BL3. Unfortunately, as soon as it was confirmed there was no pvp system, I instantly discarded that interest.

With no pvp, any coop/multiplayer game gets boring extremely fast for me. I learned that the hard way with the new monster hunter game @Poisonedbite

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Don’t worry about it. I’ll make up for your lack of interest in PvE games while you make up for my similar lack of interest in PvP ones. :yin_yang:

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Don’t get me wrong, I like PVP in games as long as it doesn’t cost the campaign the necessary resources to be a great game (i.e. destiny, fortnite, and apparently COD BO4). The reason I have such a problem with PVP being in everything is that it’s really all the same in the end. PVP is fun if done right but none of these developers are doing anything that’s new. Yeah there are little changes and some basic interface changes but really it’s the same playlist and PVP Concepts over and over and over again. In other words I don’t think it makes a game great but if it’s done right it adds flavor. Mostly when playing with other people you know.

Besides I’m getting more and more tired of the way Developers can’t seem to separate competitive from casual. If I just want to play for fun the last thing I want is a bunch of soft handed greasy haired jerk-off troll hards steamrolling over me. Nothing kills a PVP hard-on faster.

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i didn’t play multiplayer until after I had the entire game soloed. Which is how I always play. Mp isn’t anything I need.


Maybe you should play them before getting interested in BL3? Might change your mind about no PVP.

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So it’s no secret that your working on Borderlands 3. I think that if done right it could be game of the year, and might even be my favorite game of this generation. I loved borderlands 2 and that game remains in my top 5 games of all time. However, what worries me tremendously is that you are working with 2k and I remember 2k bragging about slapping micro transactions in every single game they make from here on out. I love Borderlands, but lets be clear the fans will not accept this and you wouldn’t be able to pay people to take your games. Don’t be the next Star Wars Battlefront. If 2K won’t allow you to make the game without micro transactions then don’t make the game. Can you imagine the disaster of paying real world money for loot boxes in Borderlands? The whole balance of the game will be messed up and you will find countless copies at the bottom of GameStop dumpsters. I took the time to right this, because your series has meant so much to me and I don’t want to see it go to trash, because of some stupid fad that gaming is in.

Microtransactions - as debated by the Battleborn themselves
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in regards to the microtransactions and lootboxes.

If good but underrated Battleborn is any indication, you would get DAILY CHALLENGES for PREMIUM CURRENCY and optional gear chests, but you would be better off with earning loot in the story mode and story ops.

I see Borderladns3 having challenges for the Golden keys as a reward, and even a Arena to earn loot faster. with cosmetics being the focus of microtrnasactions.

oh, and the Grinder and a weapons work bench would help with “trash” loot, and both vending machines are accessed from in game currency like the dosh and special currency like eridium and the like.

other then that, Borderlands 3 will be more looter shooter goodness.

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Speaking as a guy that liked bb… Bqttleborn =/= borderlands. In like, any meaningful loot capacity. Barring a massive revamp of the golden key system or a new loot enginethat deviates wildly from bl2\tps… Every part of the above quietly horrifies me.

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I highly doubt they would tie progression in their most popular franchise to something so monumentally stupid. That is a ftp mobile game strategy.

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I used Battleborn as a example of PRO CONSUMER PRACTICES!

What I meant to say is, Golden Keys would remain a twitter keycode promotional content, but if it was in game, it would be a challenge or a reward from completing arena waves. Also we need a arena that gives us skills as rewards like Moxxi’s underdome.

again, if anything will be a microtransactions, cosmetics like vault hunter skins would be that. besides we already have lootboxes in boderlands already: the loot chests!

does this clear things up?

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better to earn loot then to gamble for loot thanks to a lootbox store. microtransactions should be for vault hunter skins if that.

until then try out the underrated Battleborn and Gearbox published games like Bulletstorm and Homeworld.

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lmfao I was in the battleborn beta homie. To support gearbox. I don’t play CoD or battle royale type games.

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I am talking about reviving Battleborn on PC/continued support on consoles from the Community with COMMUNITY EVENTS like Weekend Warriors, Coaching and Story Playthroughs.

To drum up intrest and to secure matchmaking prime time.

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I see we’re veering off topic into well-covered territory. Keep this to microtransactions, please. There are plenty of threads elsewhere to promote Battleborn events (should you happen to be planning one).