Please don't let micro transactions or loot boxes ruin borderlands 3

(Evo4g63t) #224

If micro transactions are introduced (most likely since 2k is a excess money grubbing publisher look no further than nba 2k18 for that or their parent company Take Two, you know the ones that pretty much turned micro transactions into a must purchase to buy anything of value in GTA V) I only request that they do it similar to ubisoft’s Far Cry 5:

  • Cosmetics only with the all of them and still making it achievable in game with enough grinding.
  • Absolutely no purchasing of items that gives the player an advantage in game play.

Unfortunately I think 2k/Take Two have more of an influence with micro transactions than the developer does.

I mean optimally I’d like zero micro transactions because achieving items in game is far more enjoyable than buying them but I know because there is a successful market for it its not realistic.

This is by far going to be the single biggest factor if I buy this game or not. I will never buy a 60 dollar game (at least 90 with DLC) that pretends its a free mobile market game.

(What does it all mean!?) #225

Take 2 has stated that microtransactions will be a part of every game they make going forward. Therefore the only question is what form they will take. Borderlands 2 was heavy on the paid DLC (2 level cap expansions, 4 large DLC’s, 5 small DLC’s) so we can expect more of that plus likely many more skins and costumes that will only be available via paid DLC (like BL2). That’s minimum because that was what we had before. So the only question is what more they will add along these lines because publishers always go for more. We can likely expect several tiers of pre-order things with various things, including weapons and then…who knows… Pitchford has stated that there will not be paid loot boxes for gear, but that’s vague as publishers are moving away from this idea and into other areas that aren’t as controversial yet. I hope I’m wrong, but likely it’s going to be bad and uncomfortable, the only question is how bad and how uncomfortable and where you draw your personal line regarding a game you want to play (likely with your friends) versus your disgust at the dishonest practices of this particular sector of the entertainment industry that wants to pretend it’s different than any other area of the entertainment industry and therefore these practices are acceptable.

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #226

Paying for a good DLC is not a microtransaction. It has to be bought and installed. As long as they don’t change the formula AT ALL, i’ll be happy. 10 bucks for a character, 15/20 for a dlc. skins as dlc. most people don’t realize bl2 had a shitton of skins that you couldn’t get in game, only as dollar dlc. and that’s just fine.

(What does it all mean!?) #227

The term microtransactions has become fairly meaningless anyway, at what point is it macro? I agree, if it’s the same as BL2, that’s the best we can expect, though I really dislike the fact they charge for additional characters. Again, that’s the best we can expect, but recall that publishers always want to take it farther so I think it’ll be worse in some aspect, though hopefully it won’t be one that affects gameplay. The dollar a skin seemed irritating given how much they charge for all the other DLC, but if that’s the worse thing we’ll be in great shape…

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #228

If the game didn’t already come with four, charging for additional ones (as it would hardly be a RPG if there was only one class) might be weird.

(Is this thing on?) #229

Four is a good number for the base game, since it fits nicely with up to four-player local co-op. I don’t mind paying for extra characters beyond the base game (just as we did with BL2 and TPS), as long as there are options around bundles etc.

(Evo4g63t) #230

micro transactions don’t necessarily mean just the price it can also refer to the reward of the purchase (micro) in the overall scope of the game. At least in my opinion.

(Evo4g63t) #231

I think one issue to consider with borderlands is the “bragging rights” of getting that special loot. It’s certainly not going to be that great of an accomplishment if the specific loot can just be paid for.

I think in this aspect it makes the game less fun because now people can just ask mommy and daddy for money and get that loot.