Please don't let micro transactions or loot boxes ruin borderlands 3

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It’s a good possibility. I think all us gamer’s alike would agree that RAID drops should be hard earned, and better than anything else. Seems like a lot of people have dropped D2 for a lot of what you mentioned too. Any game that evolves around story, missions and LOOT should be about that, and these micro transactions are now starting to effect the games and playable longevity…which is a loss to the gamer to begin with, but also the players leaving the game. I won’t go back to D2 unless there is a great deal on the GotY addition late next year.

As long as B3 follows the same equality that B2 had i’ll be happy. The loot has to come from game play. Any cosmetic sold like in B2 or Battleborn is up to the player. I thought the B2 strategy was fair, where as the D2 way is just pushing it too much, and BF2 caused a big upset - which put me off buying it.

At the end of the day, it’s the people who develop the game, and the policy which they would like to adopt. Make money and don’t give a sh*t about it, or make a great game and have the players love them for it. Just take Horizon: Zero Dawn as an example, we players love the game and the devs for it.

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For your game or for other peoples? If someone else gets a raid-based piece of gear without earning it, does it affect your game? Which of these methods are considered acceptable in the case of a Norfleet (for example):

  • I got one after legitimately farming Vermi for months.
  • I got one after legitimately farming Vermi during the Gear Up weekend when drop rates were altered.
  • I got one by tagging along with other players farming Vermi. I got killed early, but they let me have the Norfleet.
  • I got one by tagging along with (but not helping) other players farming Vermi, and they gave me the Norfleet.
  • I got one after farming Vermi using broken game mechanics to kill him.
  • I got one after farming Vermi using the Unofficial Community Patch.
  • I got one after farming Vermi using illegitimate methods for spawning/killing him.
  • A friend gave it to me after trying and failing to get a drop from Vermi for months.
  • A friend gave it to me just because he had a spare; I’ve never even heard of Vermi.
  • I paid US currency to a friend to convince them to trade one that they legitimately earned to me.
  • I got one from a barcode during the Loot The World promotion.
  • I bought one for cash from the Steam store.
  • I bought a bunch of loot boxes from the Steam store until one had a Norfleet in it.
  • I crafted one illegitimately with third-party software and/or duped one.


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Just want to point out that the Handsome Collection edition for XB1/PS4 includes everything, so for anyone starting from there UVHM is part of the deal (and cannot be removed or deactivated without uninstalling the entire game.) Which also means that remaining at level 50 is impossible for such players.

I think there’s a case to be made for BL3 that such extra levelling should be fully optional, so that there should be some way of disabling UVHM XP and levelling (i.e. make it a repeatable, resettable Pt.2.5) in much the same way that you can play with BAR turned on or off (and on a per-save basis, to boot!) (Pinging @MereAtGBX here because it’s actually something I’d like to see included.)

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Oh wow, I didn’t know that! What happens at the end of TVHM if you don’t start a new playthrough when you have that pack? You don’t get the same, “Select Playthrough Mode”? You continue to level past enemies until your character gets too strong (thus jeopardizing a shot into UVHM, since you won’t be able to bring on-level gear into the game where the enemies scale to you)?

Yes to all of this: provide all the same wonderful difficulty options available now, but make it easy to back out and park somewhere comfortable. You want players to be comfortable trying the harder difficulty levels without being forced to commit to them, forcing them to play at an uncomfortable level or quit (or start over).

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You get the dialogue when you restart the game the first time but, if you choose to stay in TVHM and just hit “Continue” in the main menu each time from then on you’ll always be in TVHM. You’ll still gain XP (although at an increasingly slow rate) and level up.

It’s fairly easy to get to level 53-54 if you run the DLCs after main story, and I remember in one discussion someone saying that they’d reached 56 painfully slowly. If you then decide to switch to UVHM for the first time ever, you’re obviously pretty screwed.

It’s one of a few things about the Handsome Collection edition that, in retrospect, should clearly have been handled differently. There was quite a lot of work put into both games up to that point though (better graphics and higher frame rate being the main things from the 360/PS3 versions) so I’m not surprised that not all the potential consequences got caught.

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To put it harshly, I expect at least a Season Pass + event-related skins + Exp-Boosters (something 2k will have to argue for as Randy Pitchford is not really a fan of something like that). And I’m not even against purchaseable skins if it’s still possible to get them without MTXs. As long as the "shoot n loot’-gameplay stays intact and doesn’t get altered to encourage the purchase of MTXs, I’m fine.

Something I could see is that they make Golden Keys purchaseable in addition to those we can get for free. Let’s just hope, 2k doesn’t ■■■■ it up.

Something that might be possible as well is that Gearbox publishes the game themselves. The money needed could come from other games they publish before or they could even take the risk of taking a credit to be free from 2k. It’s pretty unlikely though.



This place promotes the game being played as intended. Enough ‘btw I cheat!’ posts.

Go elsewhere if want to do that. Please.

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To be fair, the response was in relation to Destiny because I mentioned how MTX have questioned the integrity of the game, both as a loot shooter and on moral grounds. I don’t want to see Borderlands follow suit. As for ‘earning’ stuff I guess Borderlands 3 would have a more relaxed definition compared to other games.

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Speaking as a user here.

What is the point of cheating in order to complete a harder difficulty?

Is it not the equivalent of getting in a Ferrari in order to beat Usain Bolt in a footrace and then declaring yourself the fastest man alive?

There is a rule against discussing cheats here, and honestly, even if that weren’t the point, you have two perfectly viable modes of play in BL which require 0 cheating, and are of modest difficulty. I wouldn’t discuss it because it seems trite to do so.

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I’ve never understood the need for cheating in multiplayer games either.

If the aim is to challenge yourself by beating players on an equal footing , then how can you be pleased with a win when you knowingly give yourself an advantage?


With loot box micro transactions all those fun activities where the odds of getting a rare drop go out the window.
The chances of a rare drop become a lot smaller because making something that doesn’t require a 1000 hour grind eats into the profit margin.
No more loot hunts
No more well I’ve got a fleet of norfleets already so you can have this one
No more having fun with game mechanics.

Due to forum rules I can’t mention the other things that players could do to tweak the game to suit their preferences.
That’s the difference.

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So don’t buy 'em and enjoy the activities in full?

Also, we’re talking about single-player games here, no? Multi-player games are an entirely different beast. If we’re talking about multi-player games, this sort of thing turns into an issue (assuming the transactions provide an avenue to provide an advantage for cash).

I don’t get it either, but I also don’t get why people like farming for loot, and apparently tons of people do that too. I think those PVP cheaters aren’t looking for an enjoyable challenge in the game as much as they enjoy griefing other players.


Hard to enjoy activities that will no longer exist when loot is behind a lootbox paywall.

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I was assuming that the loot would be available for farming as well. If not, it depends on how much isn’t available? There’s no farming for a Contraband Skyrocket in BL2, but that’s like the only example. If there was a viable farming engine, but, say, 10 weapons were only available for purchase, you could just ignore them? It depends on how much farming is available.


Special events wouldn’t be available as that would cut into the profit margin.
Sure loot would be farmable, at a 1 in 100 drop rate.

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Here’s an angle I haven’t really seen covered yet: story immersion.

I’m someone who doesn’t care too much about the grinding or loot aspect of the Borderlands games. I’m really all about the story, the characters, the lore and the humour. So maybe I wouldn’t care so much about paying for loot drops or boosters as some others would, right? After all, if I’m playing solo and I can just ignore all those microtransactions if that’s what I want to do.

Well, not really. The loot and guns are still part of the lore and the game experience. Even if I’m not consciously farming the same enemy over and over for some great gun I read about on the forums, it’s still a cool experience when a Flush Hammer Buster drops (to the point that I remember that a Flush Hammer Buster was the first legendary to ever drop for me in a Borderlands game :grin:), because in the Borderlands universe, that’s a cool, expensive, hard to find item.

So let’s look at a hypothetical scenario that I would find disappointing and entirely possible. Let’s say you go up to one of the in-game vending machines. Like previous games, it’s full of items that you can exchange in-game cash to purchase. But in Borderlands 3, the “Item of the Day” slot could be filled by a rare item that can be purchased for 99 cents of real world money. In this scenario, I’ve immediately lost my immersion and my suspension of disbelief. I’m no longer an action hero fighting an evil corporation on Pandora or Promethea, I’m a dude playing a game that’s trying to get him to drop another dollar on a gun or shield that will last for the next few levels. And this happens even if the regular drop rate of legendaries isn’t gimmicked to encourage the purchase of loot boosters or weapons for real money.

Is this enough to stop me from buying Borderlands 3? Maybe not. But it’s definitely going to deliver a punishing blow to my enjoyment of it, especially in comparison to the other games in the series.

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I’m not sure I see the comparison there to be honest. Farming is personal preference that doesn’t really affect anyone else so each to their own I say.

I would agree that griefing others is probably part of the cheating appeal though. The mind boggles on that one.

With regards to MT’s and my previous gripe with Bungie , it seems the same practice of locking out content that was in Destiny 1 has returned for the second , to much debate.

And in spite of the term ‘spendgame’ being coined for Destiny and all the controversy surrounding their practices , Bungie have recently advertised a vacancy for someone to maximize profit from in-game spending.

I guess as much as theres overall issues regarding MicroTransactions , that may or may not be influenced by outside bodies , a large part of it is going to be left to individual game developers.

Im pretty optimistic with Gearbox and the future of the Borderlands franchise.

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That’s a funny way of saying “writer” or “developer”! :stuck_out_tongue:

I somewhat understand why they’d want to try and get more profit out of what they’re doing, but it seems they didn’t even learn the lessons of the first game?

If that piece is reasonably on point (I wouldn’t know since I haven’t played either game) then Bungie’s profit problem is partly (mostly?) of their own making.

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Only if it’s advertised in-game (and then it doesn’t matter where they put it; it will pull you out of that immersion). If these are only mentioned outside the game, it should be fine. None of the many bits of MTX items (DLCs, headhunter packs, season passes, etc.) were advertised inside the game BL2 though they were available. That would be vexing to see them advertised in game though.

…better than the stock drop rate in BL2 upon release? Even if we take the current (buffed) drop rate in BL2 for granted, it’s accepted because there aren’t microtransactions for loot available. If there were, I think it would suddenly seem like the drop rate was structured to encourage them. Rallies against RNGesus would instead be levied against Gearbox’s perceived greed with no difference in drop rate.

My point was that just because we don’t understand why someone enjoys something doesn’t mean that they don’t. This is also why this doesn’t seem like an issue if the game is single-player (because “to each their own” works). If it’s multi-player, these may affect other players.

This is, almost verbatim, a description of my working grand unified theory for human happiness… applies to almost everything.