Please don't let micro transactions or loot boxes ruin borderlands 3


Added the word ‘perceived’, there.

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Good point, thanks.

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Exactly. Advertising microtransactions in the menu or Xbox Store probably wouldn’t bother me. If it’s on every other loading screen or in-game vending machines like I discussed above then it would start to feel a bit greedy.

The way microtransactions are such a hot topic right now, perception is definitely something devs and publishers will have to think about. It may be a tricky balancing act for a game like Borderlands.


Seeing as how the initial drop rate was 1 in 30, obviously not. Since you obviously don’t know 1 in 30 is actually a lot better then 1 in 100.


It really isn’t. Divinity Original sin 2 is selling and earning dollars for Larian without MTX. They did it by making a great game that people want to play. It seems that a customer focused game can still earn a dollar for the company producing. Who knew.
Like Borderlands it can be played as an SP game or Co-Op MP. Works well either way. Fantastic game.
Which was the way GBX went about it with BL2. Sure they produced trash like Wattle Gobbler, but then they also produced gems like Son of Crawmerax and Mercenary day.

With the outstanding loot drops in Mercenary day, you can kiss things like that goodbye if MT’s are included in BL3 as well…

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I personally do not find there is one.

Hypothetically speaking, cheating per se can be a useful tool in many games to try out different builds or weapons, to see whether they’re worth putting in the time and effort to acquire, and also to mess around with joke character builds.

I find examples such as aimbotting or wallhacking, however, suck any kind of personal satisfaction out of a game. What’s the point in completing a challenge of skill if it took you no skill to do so?

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The rarest of gear was very hard to come by yet for many years it seemed almost everyone in these forums had all the best stuff as soon as it was discovered, so much for being rare. Some of these members were highly revered until it was revealed they were cheaters. Videos everywhere of people playing all players maxed out with the best gear used to tick me off. I must have been one of the few very unlucky ones to never get a legendary drop for me in BL1 and only the Bee in BL2 because it was the one item that was so easy to come by. I can’t imagine there would more than a handful of people today who are playing the game legitimately. Developers make the game to be fun one way, gamers find other ways to make fun. Who is wrong here? Nobody as everyone is looking for fun. If the game is not fun anymore then people will leave, just like they did in Battleborn.

I think microtransactions will be inevitable since it will capitalise on what many people have been doing for free for years. Those who don’t know it can be done for free will end up paying huge $$$ just to get to a point where the game is fun again.

Microtransactions are like a tax on cannabis, just like the government figured out it cannot be stopped they decided to turn the tables and effectively make it legal at a price so they could make a profit from this area they were missing out on, and in gaming terms this is the price of micro transactions. Getting the millions who have not figured out how to get it for free, to pay for it. This somehow legitimises gaming today. Pay to win. It was pay to play and then free to win, now it is becoming pay to play and pay to win (for those who don’t realise free to win still exists). It seems like it is only wrong to do if the gaming companies are not making coin out it, otherwise it is legitimately cool to pay to win.

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Only for bosses and raid bosses who’s loot pools weren’t bugged (Boll as just one example). And at 1 in 30 you can still go a very long time before seeing an actual drop. It certainly felt more like 1 in 100!

World drops were (and still are) insanely rare.

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I oopsie-daisied on to half the gear I used throughout the game. By the time I started ‘farming’ for gear, I was doing it as an end-of-day-wind-down-catharsis.

I think you’re explicitly missing the concept of the assumption or claim of rarity, and are tacking on to it a circumstantial bias, and this is usually a logical fallacy. At BL2’s peak, this forum was filled with ‘loot hunters’ naturally many of them were bound to get an item right off the bat, especially if they were putting in an effort to farm them.

You’re noting the number of instances one person went; ‘DEAR LORD. I FOUND (Image).’ Imagine if with that came a post of ‘missed again’ every time the Shaman’s didn’t voodoo dance for OOO. This forum would consist mainly of a thread called; ‘Missed Again’ and would have the suffix Mk. CMXCVII.

I too believe that it is high time we exposed the forums outrageous insistence on remaining principled on ideas.

So, the criticism here is the forum (assuming this is true) managed to hold true to the value of anti-cheating even under greater circumstances? And this is negative?

“Hah! Foolish people of Gotham! They all loved Harvey Dent til he went around trying to kill kids. Then they had the moral relativism to think he was a bad guy.”

May I (genuinely) suggest not watching them then?

Developers do their best to create balance and challenge in a game. Yes. I some times wonder why, as they could just as easily make a game called ;‘Press X to win’ where I am declared Emperor of the Universe and given a cornetto upon completion.

If a user finds the game to be to challenging, they may opt to lower the difficulty by cheating in order to make themselves feel as though they accomplished something they did not. We are not doubting that they are having a grand old time doing this, as Tyrion’s cousin had a grand old time smashing those beetles, we’re just wondering what the point is. This is the gaming method of stuffing one’s pants with a sock.

People are welcome to do so, but other people are also welcome to question why, as sooner or later some one will be critically disappointed when presented with the truth.

I remember the joy, only rivaled by the first time I opened a Christmas present, of first seeing a fellow BL player enter my game in order to one shot the boss I was working on. I was hoping to get genuine assistance with that fellow.

I too was happy, because I’d have otherwise spent that time playing the game, instead of writing to all my friends about how raid bosses are easy, and them reminding me that this information isn’t pertinent at 2 A.M.

I am not going to speak on to your concerns about Microtransactions, because you’re fully welcome to speculate on things that have yet come to pass, and how they would make you feel.

But I was really hoping that at this point in human development we’ve at least come to a consensus that; ‘cheating is bad’.

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Personally I have been called a “whale” many of times on many different games. I am not going to bore all of you with the $$$ I have put behind Warframe, GTA Shark Cards, Rainbow Six Seige (Seriously, my wife might divorce me).

I don’t regret any of them with the exception of GTA Online. I like the option of paying for something you want, no chance game, no “loot crates” just pure supply and demand economic, they have something, it cost a price and I paid it to get exactly that and nothing more…Warframe and Seige does this really well. I know I am paying a premium, often times the total cost of all MTX purchases will be many times greater than the actual base game…the base game is a loss leader now. I pay the price because I think it will support the dev to further develop a game I care about…not the sequel, but support for the CURRENT game.

Say Gearbox comes out the gate promising a different direction with Borderlands 3, they are going to keep supporting it with content and updates long after the season pass year one, and in order to accommodate that they need to add MTX. I am ok with that. I am also okay with season two, season three and so on…

I am not quite sure how I feel about buying a rare weapon with straight money. On one hand it is a player’s choice and you can partake or not. On the other hand, I rather Gearbox have official SDK, mod support so the community can add life to the game, I don’t want one to eat the other here, what incentive is there to buy a rare weapon or even a skin if you can use the SDK? GBX needs a way to offer something so unique that not even the community can replicate.

Think about the New-U station, imagine Duke Nukem voiced it? for $2.99? Sign me up.

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Duke Nukem had better stay the hell out of my game though.

Honestly outside of story DLC I don’t really know what could be offered that I would pay for with Borderlands. I have the Handsome Collection, and the skins don’t interest me at all. To me the design of the character is part of the character, and it wouldn’t make sense to me to turn Axton into a spiky haired guy wearing a gas mask.

I did buy several skins in Battleborn, but I felt that most of those skins kept the essence of the character while still looking different and cool (though there were exceptions to this).

On the other hand, I loved the Fast Talker and the Company Man in TPS, so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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I’m not sure how you’d keep multiple seasons viable with a game like Borderlands without shipping a much smaller game to start off with? I don’t think that would go down very well (and size of game + number of DLCs was a common complaint about TPS after the mega-success of BL2). It would depend on the initial price point to some extent, but those of us playing at the time remember just how quickly some got to the end of TVHM at game launch with BL2 - can you imagine if that had taken only half the time?


Sure, bugs happen and at least were fixed over time, Bolls drop Cobra etc.
The cool things is they had the loot hunt so as we could get those rare, broken drops which was awesome.
Thing is there are plenty of loot sources in game and that’s what keeps people coming back.
Golden chests with free keys, tubbies, midgets, ingame, farmable loot chests.
Even after 5 and half years the game is still riding high in the Steam charts.
It seems they catch more flies with honey.


That’s corporate scum baggery right there. As long as people are buying the game and playing it how people acquire loot, is up to them.
BL2 is still a game a play from time to time and 99% of my gameplay is by the rules. I still like that I have options to tweak my game play if I want to to fight a monster and save a bit of time on its spawn times.


Yeah a Paradox content model suits me fine. I mean they’re still producing content for CK2 close to 6 years after release, EU4 is still getting content updates and it’s closing in in on 5 years.
Stellaris has just had a minor cosmetic pack release which I ended up buying because it also contained new voices. I’m looking forward to hearing about the announcement of its next major expansion pack.
Paradox also has awesome mod support, modders have produce a Game of Thrones mod for CK2, another group of modders has produced an amazing Star Trek mod for Stellaris. All those things can get people into teh games as well.

Produce actual content and set a price. Sure they have to factor that in a few months time it’ll be on sale at 50% or more off.

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Honestly, CKII is the greatest model for DLCs I have ever heard of. That and EU4.

Paradox games are generally amazing when it comes to giving you bang for your buck. Each DLC adds a layer of depth to the game, and hours of content.

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I’ve not come here to dis a game company however the use of loot crates to get an income from a specific game I play is in fact a rip off.
I don’t know about their other games but Trions game Defiance really does push the limit with the rng on loot crates that are purchasable from the games store. The rng is literally so bad that in some cases the whales are spending in the region of a thousand bucks for one random drop weapon and the cost of some game enhancing bundles are ridiculous.
I’m talking in the region of 50 to 150 bucks.
Cosmetic outfits and vehicles aren’t so bad and cost up to 20 bucks.
I’d hate to see gearbox or 2k go this route.

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That’s enough to convince me to NEVER purchase this game - thanks for the heads up!

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I think farming is fun if the game makes it fun and easily loop-able but at the same time not too repetitive. Destiny 1 and 2 actually do this decently well. For example, I don’t really care too much for, beat a dude, save & quit. Reload game and beat that same dude again. I’ll do that about 3 to 6 times in a row before losing interest. Mostly because it kinda ruins co-op. People have to reconnect to my game, for instance. But in Destiny, mostly you’re just earning end-game currency from many things that you can use to get specific items of the week from a unique vendor, or while doing these activities you have earn good random drops, or gain experience with certain factions which provide good drops.

All that said. If you can just buy the end-game currency with real cash or ad-based cash it does just seem to cheapen it. And it’s just not how I like to spend money in games.

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My experience with Battleborn suggests that being able to use real $ to buy in-game currency that you would otherwise have to earn through daily or weekly challenges also creates balance issues with how much items cost versus how many hours you would have to play to earn the same amount.