Please don't let micro transactions or loot boxes ruin borderlands 3

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It’s free to play but you have to buy the dlc and should you get hooked you’ll need to purchase inventory slots but as games go it is very good, the main problem though is lag and all servers be it PC ps3 or xbx are suffering from ddos attacks at the moment.

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OK, definitely not buying a game that makes you purchase inventory slots with actual cash.

Uncool but, in the light of everything else you’ve told me about this game, I’m not that surprised? Or is it the actual PSN/XBL/Steam servers that are under attack? I think schools just got out (and college/university is also done for the year). Hmm… a warm up for Christmas Day shenanigans perhaps? I really hope not.

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Yes the slots can be a problem but if you bought dlc you used to get inventory slots but I’m not sure if you’re still able to do that as they removed the dlc and put it in one package.
As for the ddos I’ve no idea what goes on there.

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Doubly agreed. If somehow 2K gets pushed into doing this to BL3, hopefully it’s not for guns/gear. If people want to buy some snazzy face or skin, that will not change their advantage or disadvantage during gameplay. They can just look sharper then the average krieg… with the shiniest meat-cycle. :slight_smile:

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They should do MTA loot boxes but only as a pun. Borderlands is all about meta jokes and this would be perfect.

Let Marcus sell them and call them Marcus TransAction, have the key to the loot crate cost $1 million each…in game money. This way you solve the money sink issue late game and jab at the industry. The amount of publicity it will create for the game would be worth the trouble.

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I recon we should have to collect rocks to earn in game currency to make purchases.

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It should be to collect 139,377 brown rocks, to be more specific. That’s the cheapest item in the store.

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Microtransactions killed Battleborn for me, and I am very afraid that I won’t buy BL3 at all because 2K… and GBX kinda aswel since I’ve became weary of them when it comes to making, and publishing games.

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That’s what I was alluding to.

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Microtransactions? I’m with @Adabiviak on that for the most part. I’m mostly interested in COOP and SP campaign and endgame activities. I’m not 100% opposed to some PvP stuff if it’s done well (like Battleborn), but it’s not what I’m buying BL3 to get.

Reference my whopping two crucible matches in Destiny 2 to-date (and zero in Destiny), and I’ve been playing since it first released on PS4 (and then PC). I don’t do much PvP. Battleborn made it tolerable, but we failed there. Bummer.

Now, as to the acquisition of loot, I DO care for myself. Earning the loot is something I prefer to do, and I take some pride in finally accomplishing something to that end. I’m fine with others not doing so, though, and don’t give a hoot if the guy next to me in this raid boss fight got his Norfleet the proper way, by paying for it, or by using some not-to-be-named third-party software to manipulate … things. Doesn’t matter to me. That’s the great thing about a non-competitive game like BL/BL2/BLTPS. It has no effect whatsoever on my enjoyment of the game, nor any at all on the fairness of it to me, if someone else straight-up cheats to get the thing I had to farm for 100 hours. ZULU FOXTROT GOLF, over.

Microtransactions become absolute horror when they’re THE way to get something. Worse yet, when it’s RNG-based and you may not get what you want from that couple dollars’ loot box (the major dis on Destiny 2’s EverVerse in-game store is that the loot boxes’ content is randomized, and certain gambling laws may actually apply therefore). But let’s say I COULD buy the latest Double-Penetrating Unkempt Harold straight-up for $1.99. As long as I could still go kill Savage Lee for an Unkempt Harold with a chance to come up with the DP prefix, and/or it’s still in the Torgue vendor machines, then I give zero hoots. If it’s the ONLY way to get it, by buying it from Springs or Marcus or Earl or whomever, THEN we’ve got a problem. That’s a no-go.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Borderlands 2 HAS some limited microtransactions in it already, whether you want to admit it or not. There are packages for cosmetics that are ONLY available for IRL $$$ outside the price of the game. There are heads that I still don’t have for each character simply because I don’t care to pay the extra $$$ for them. Some are pretty cool, too. The only way to get them, though, is by buying them with money above & beyond the price paid for the full games with all DLC on two different platforms, and entirely outside the 1,730-ish hours of gameplay I’ve already invested on Steam alone in BL2. I’ll never have those heads, and it’s just fine. Game plays the same.

But yeah, groundwork is already laid. And I’d bet you dollars to (Turkish) Lira that GBX can quantify a profitable return on the investment in creating those cash-only heads in the first place.


Long as it’s just cosmetics or other non-gameplay-essential stuff, or it’s stuff that can be farmed/earned in-game outside of a PvP environment, I say let 'em monetize all the things and milk the whales.

Now, as for online-only. I’ll most likely do that like I did Battleborn, and wait until I can grab it off Steam for half price. Even then, I’ll be really disappointed in GBX.

It needs an offline mode. YES, that means that it can probably be manipulated by some aspiring young 1337 H4XX0R, and AGAIN, as I won’t be facing young Sir Critsalot head-on in PvP, I give a little less than zero f—'s.

But then, here’s the challenge to Gearbox (and you can and should and damned well better quote me to everyone up to and thrice-a-day INCLUDING Randy Pitchford:

"Be original. You’re good at that, Gearbox. Damned good. So don’t give me some whiny excuse about online-only gameplay being the only way to keep it fair for players. It’s not. It’s just the laziest way that everyone else agrees works. F— EVERYONE ELSE! You’re not them. You’re Gearbox F—ING Software. Solve the problem some other way. Show those clowns at Bungie what innovation looks like. Give us a solution that works for your pals in Australia, what doesn’t require them to tolerate a 200ms ping to play the game. Give it the quality effort that we all know you can.

Or do it without my $$$."

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I know I was, and I’m pretty sure by the nature of the comment, that @Bentu was being sarcastic about the MT’s.

It’s a reference to Claptrap’s Secret Stash in BL2 - when he asks you to do the list of objectives before the stash falls open.


In all seriousness I oppose MT’s through and through but I’m aware they’re almost certainly here to stay (unfortunately) and as such I’ll settle for things that are only cosmetic (or in the same vein as the HH packs, as long as they don’t contain unique weapons that unbalance the vanilla or Season Pass only DLC game)

And as @Psychichazard said earlier in the thread.

Especially that last part.

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I question the motivation of anyone who claims to know something about BL2 but didn’t get that reference. “Collect a few brown rocks for me …” Oh, yeah, no problem master Claptrap. Be right back with those…

(Of course, I love how that resets every playthrough on the same character, despite that you have access to it unhindered in his place in Windshear Waste in TVHM/UVHM. Little things. :wink: )

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I wasn’t being sarcastic in any shape or form, I was making a point that if micro transactions are going to be a thing then a means to earn the currency to purchase things should be included in the game.

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So for the record, I think this is a very good example of how NOT to implement cosmetic items via RNG loot crates. I understand that the game piublishers want to establish a viable trading economy but, as this stands, it is ripe for abuse:

GBX - please, just NOPE right over that approach. Thanks!

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i’m sure the micro transactions will be like the skin packs found in bl2 i cant see any “loot boxes” being implemented any time soon… well hopefully:no_mouth:


At least with those skins I know exactly what I’m buying. That’s why they’re acceptable. I’m not rolling dice for them. I know the actual cost of the skin and what I’m getting. Even bought a couple because I thought they were funny.
That said I appreciated the headhunter packs more, New skins for each character, new areas to explore, new enemies to fight. More fun.

When it comes to ingame gear though, it has to be earned in game. The designers keep telling us it’s a game of making the best of whatever you find in game. Stick to that.

If people want to use third party tools to get something specific and push the game to its limits, no worries either. Modding keeps games alive well past their used by date.

So yeah, has to be an offline mode as it currently is in the BL games. Didn’t pick up BattleBorn, even when it was insanely cheap on a Steam sale due to it being online only.

Great thing is, from reading about Destiny 2 and Battlefront 2, it seems gamers are at the end of their rope when it comes to Micro Transactions. Hopefully the bean counters take notice and let the devs do their job of designing a fun game that people will want to play, like they did with the series so far.

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But that’s just it. Might not be a record-setter, but Destiny 2 made a crap-ton of money. Battlefront 2 as well. And in both cases we can qualify, “so far…”

Yeah, The Eververse debacle in D2 isn’t so much buying cosmetics as it is buying a random selection of stuff that may or may not be (and first-year Statistics tells me it WON’T be) what you want.

That is an important distinction. If we’re really lucky, someone will succeed in getting the randomized loot boxes regulated as gambling, and they’ll disappear from most video games out of the necessity to be able to sell those games to legal minors.

That’s a big if. As long as it’s a problem to work around in one or two countries, and not the BIG markets, it’s not gonna have an effect. Get the USA or UK or South Korea or someone to regulate it adults-only as gambling, though, and then you’ll see change.

On the other hand, that’s asking for another devil we don’t know.

But now comes the bummer realization, and another part of the reason that developers and publishers (especially publishers) want server-side-dependent online-only titles: When they’re superceded by a new title, we can pull the plug. That is, any day now BungieVision can shut down Destiny server support. Too many Destiny 2 players jump ship back to D1, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit to see an end-date announcement (short notice, too) for the D1 servers. It’s an available ultimatum. “Play the new thing that we wanna make money from, OR ELSE!”

On the bright side, if GBX was so inclined then we’d likely have seen that already with Battleborn. We haven’t. It seems reasonable to assume, then, that they are not so inclined.

But if BL3 disappoints in some way, and a bunch of us go back to Twitch-streaming OP8 solo Hyperius kills with our KittyZerkers, they may just find themselves wishing they had the means to pull that plug after all. And I therefore REALLY hope that GBX buys out the BL franchise from 2K and publishes it themselves (now that they’re a dev AND publisher). I don’t trust 2K as much as I do GBX, though I’d still put them way ahead of EA and UbiSoft and Activision.

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@TheRAbbi If they actually made an announcement that they were shutting down D1 servers to force us to play D2 which I highly doubt they would no D1 or D2 player would touch another Activision or Bungie game again.
I personally wouldn’t but I doubt in the grand scheme of things my paltry opinion of them wouldn’t sway their actions.

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I follow this guy on YouTube and he came across some information about ai micro transactions.
Watch the video if you want but the picture of the 3 big ideas reveals how game developers minds work.


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It’s like tobacco all over again, isn’t it? Let’s see how we can make these death sticks even more addictive!