Please don't "rework" Orendi, she's perfect!

I know Gearbox have already stated they’re “reworking” 24/26 of the characters so if Orendi’s on their list we may not be able to change that, but my friends and I have discussed this and I’ve seen it mentioned quite a lot on these here forums. The general consensus seems to be that Orendi is perfect the way she is and should be one of the two left untouched, if you agree let’s get some Orendi support just in case she is one of the 24 in their sights and perhaps we can save her from her creators!


I do agree that Orendi is very close to perfection but she still suffers from some no-brainer helix choices and bad mutations so i don’t mind them changing that. Also it’s hard for me to believe that gearbox is going to completely change from the foundation all those 24 on the list and imo most of them will get different helix choices.
Imo they will probably make serious changes to: Galilea (said that themselves), Ambra (the nerf hammer hit so hard with her), Alani, El dragon, WF (even though i think his fine) and Deande.

This I agree with to a degree, some of her helix options are just personal preference and she doesn’t change a whole lot until late game. The only decent mutation she has is her last unlocked at max level so it’s not something everyone will experience a whole lot. But she’s an “easy” character so I’d expect a basic kit.

I agree that most characters wont see radical changes, just basic balance adjustments, bar the obvious. Eight characters are getting wound, two that we know of, I doubt most will be any more than simple changes like that.

I hate the fact that so many people want Deande “buffed”, she’s my favourite and one if my mains and I’m very good with her, better than I am with Rath. Oh, there’s another character who will undoubtedly be changed. He’s also, IMO, the reason Deande will be “buffed”, a Jennerit melee assassin ugh, so many threads dedicated to comparing Rath to Deande and deducing that Deande is inferior. She’s brilliant, it took me a lot of time to learn how to play her well and if she’s changed in any way I’ll feel like all that time was wasted :frowning:

The only one off the top of my head is SF over Nullify damage. Other than that, I’ve seen life steal used when someone’s just playing wave clear… I use the push, I face orendi’s who use the blind… Even the level one reveal is great once I get my dots for SFP.
She be perfect.

I run the Leechsteal Brooch so I can go for the +15% skill damage at level 7. 5.6% is a lot of life steal when you drop a pillar on a minion wave, and with her pillar spam it’s very easy to get back up to full health.

Damn you, I haven’t found one. I was running voxis for about two days (I had just unlocked it) before they killed it. When I got my pillar storm though, on incursion, by the Healy thingy on the enemy side where there’s always a team fight… Way too much fun :slight_smile:

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I just unlocked Pillarstorm like, two minutes ago LOL gonna try it out! :slight_smile:

From what I read, it actually hits everyone in range. Not just the ones down the narrow tunnel. Theoretically, this means if you were in a circle of enemy bb, it would affect every single one. I haven’t texted that because… Effort… But! If that’s true, aim doesn’t mean as much anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Pentakill time! Lol where’s my Voxxis Core haha.

Yeah that’s why I was sad when they disabled it. Apparently it’s pretty easy to penta with that, according to the internets. I have had no such luck… But good luck to you!

I have 9 triple kills so far, hopefully Pillarstorm gets me 16 more for the Threesum title lol, I doubt I’ll get a Pentakill unless against a mediocre team.

Pillar storm is probably the only thing in danger of a nerf, but even that isn’t going to kill a team unless they’re standing on top of one another or they’re all half dead already in which case most level 10 ults fill that bill.
I think the shock factor and burst of damage makes it seem like more than it is.

Instant gratification needs a buff, 50% is too much of a damage tradeoff and despite its popularity “I hate your pretty eyes” is not very effective and seems to be more of a place holder for those who don’t what their intended target bounced away, it needs to last about a half second longer.

Other than that I find her helix pretty versatile.

If anyone needs a rework it’s big Attikus.

He’s a monster late game, but Christ is he a cumbersome chore early on.

Yeah, the mutation is a massive power spike at 10.

I love to play her. She makes me laugh all the time. Even if they make some changes to her helixes, she’s still going to be Orendi.

And I honestly think that most of the changes will be relatively smallish, as @avi16200 said.

sure nothing wrong or odd about being able to spam her abilities, one that hits for over 600, followed by a minor spike that hits for 300. Being able to use those two skills every second…

Combined with a fairly quick attack speed, very mobile and small hit base (sure you have a larger than normal crit spot, but good luck trying to hit that Orendi jumping around firing off rapid fire skills…

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Assuming you have an extra 15 percent skill damage from gear, her max damage with a single Pillar is just over 450 damage (456.2625). That’s if she sacrifices survivability and lots of better gear. Furthermore, she has abysmal health, normal shields, and bad mutations. Her Pillar take skill to hit with on enemy Battleborn, and her AA is nothing to write home about. She’s not bad, but she’s not ad amazing as you make her out to be. If she’s even slowed, she’s dead. If she’s silenced, she’s completely useless. And she doesn’t become a cooldown master until level five and up. Until level 4 all of her helix choices are weak. And she’s not nearly as hard to hit as Thorn because her skills take, well, skill to aim, and precision. She’s perfect where she is, a glass cannon that only really thrives in chaos. Luckily, chaos is her specialty.

I like when people who have never used Orendi start talking about how over powered she is.
It’s usually the same people who think geyser is hard to land.

Encore blows.

I didn’t mean that she needed a buff, she’s very powerfull and a good Deande can be frustrating to fight. There are just things about her that doesn’t make sense to me like her low speed and mobility, how punishing her ult can be when you accidently trap minions, the time it takes to get out of the ult animation and that she can be damaged during that animation and other problems that make playing her, to me atleast, annoying.

Let’s take all of those points and break them down some, as vague as they were.

Both of those skills have a wind-up time and an easily recognisable animation, they take skill and cunning to land. You make it sound as though you just push a button and deal loads of damage, it’s not that simple.

And a terrible health pool. 830 at level 1 is atrocious. If literally any melee jumps Orendi, she’s dead. Put any CC on her, she’s dead. Catch her standing still, she’s dead. Again, you make it sound so much simpler than it really is.

She’s a glass cannon, and the rawest example of a true one in this game. You could make arguments that Attikus is overpowered based on his stats on paper, but in terms of gameplay, well, it’s just not that simple.

All valid points, a few minor tweaks in those departments wouldn’t be so bad. I play Deande ad high-risk-high-reward, and the reward is very high when you succeed. She can dive-kill-escape better than anyone save for perhaps Mellka.