Please don't ruin the Cartel event like BH! - your thoughts?

So, official news from gearbox on the cartel event is as follows:
"Mayhem 2.0 is scheduled to launch alongside Revenge of the Cartels in April, a new six-week seasonal event affecting the entire galaxy of Borderlands 3. Your kindly Saurian pal Maurice has gotten himself in trouble with a shady character named Joey Ultraviolet, and now Joey’s coming to collect on some debts. You need to help Maurice wipe his slate clean by taking care of different thugs hiding out across the solar system including areas added in campaign add-ons; you’ll recognize them by their flashy neon attire. Once you’ve eliminated enough of these operatives, Maurice will use his handy portal device on Sanctuary III to whisk you away to The Mansion, a swanky new map where Joey Ultraviolet and his goons are hiding out.

Your encounters in The Mansion will change depending on which of three distinct gangs currently reigns over the Cartel. You won’t know what kind of enemies to expect until you’re in the thick of battle, beyond the fact that you’ll never fight the same faction twice in a row. Better yet, each gang has some unique loot drops and Anointed parts, so repeat runs are highly encouraged. An added suite of Cartel-themed Challenges will let you unlock Revenge of the Cartels gear, including some ‘80s-tastic Vault Hunter cosmetics. And of course, you’ll have the option to turn Revenge of the Cartels on or off as you choose for the duration of the event."

While I’m loving most of this, the line “Once you’ve eliminated enough of these operatives, Maurice will use his handy portal device” has me troubled. One of the biggest complaints about the Bloody Harvest event was having to repeat the quest over and over, rather than gathering some kind of currency via the quest (killing ghosts or operatives) and being able to then repeat the zone (Heck or the Mansion) multiple times without having to go off and do the quest again.
The Maurice’s Hunt events need to be done differently, IMO. Maurice needs to run a quest that can be repeated and rewards you a token or mail you a token every X number of designated enemies hunted. The portal should be active throughout the event and accept a single token to grant you access to the current seasonal area.

But that’s my view. What is everyone’s reaction to this and your views? =]

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To get better feedback, I’ll add a pole, for my question, and you can add our thoughts below.

  • Do quest once then seasonal area
  • Do quest for token, to power portal

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After the massive backlash, didn’t Paul Sage state that they will handle future events different and won’t repeat the “new area that’s only available for a short time” thing again? Yet here we are again.

I hate that from the time I spend playing Borderlands 3, a pretty large chunk is “wasted” for farming event tokens, items whatever.

Looking forward to the kill Joey Ultraviolet 25 times challenge… not. Please Gearbox don’t repeat that mistake

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Exactly. I’m fine with the seasonal areas (heck and the mansion) only having certain things (like bosses, ghosts/operatives, certain loot drops) during the event, but it sucks that the area gets locked off outside of the event.
If it was tied to the calendar, we could still change our system dates and access them ourselves, but locking it off with hotfixes/patches means we have no choice when to access it.

I think the portal should be usable all year round, but you can only farm for tokens to open the portal during the events, maybe.

I certainly hope that once every DLC was released, these will just get added to the main game with a update but, and this is maybe a little far fetched but seeing how they will shut down Battleborn at the start of next year I have my doubts considering these are “online only” contents so far. I hope that makes sense.

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I’d rather have an area permanently stay open once it is initially opened.


It wasn’t clear to me from the Borderlands Show segment on this whether you’d need to collect the bits again each time you wanted to hit the boss. What did stand out was that:

  1. You’ll be able to collect the thingies in all maps, including both DLCs
  2. Since there are three cartels, each time you run the final boss you’ll face a different cartel and therefore different enemy types.

That and the 6 weeks + on/off seems like GBX have incorporated a LOT of the feedback from previous events into this one.


Yeah, the inclusion of DLC areas and having the seasonal area spawn different cartels are both brilliant additions. Really looking forward to the event and having 6 weeks to enjoy it. =]
Just hoping that it won’t force you to do the map, go find 3 operatives (for example), do the map, go find 3 operatives, do the map, go find 3 operatives. If I need 3 operatives to access the portal, and I find 9, I want to be able to play the map 3 times, not once and then have to go find operatives again. That’d be annoying.