Please Excuse The Language


I had to post this because of a few reasons.

  1. Clearly the guy had never played a BL game in his life.
  2. Never, EVER compare COD with BL. We all know who reigns supreme, and funnily enough, Gearbox actually cares more about their game and their community than making money (looking at you Acti/Sledge).

Anyway, what’s your opinions on this? The comment I’m referring to is the one with 3 likes:

My only comment would be “Do not feed the troll”!

Seriously, not worth getting even mildly irked about it. I’m just glad I’m unlikely to run into the dude while playing a BL game on-line.

I have actually played and enjoyed most of the games mentioned in that screen shot: the Mass Effect Series and all DLCs, Lost Odyssey, Halo series (single player), several Call of Duty games (single player) and of course Borderlands and all DLC and Borderlands 2 and all DLC. I even have Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition which I haven’t played. Considering how much I like LA Noire and GTAV (also by Rockstar), Red Dead Redemption should be fun too. My only negative about COD is that Black Ops III for last gen (Xbox 360 and PS3) does not include a single player campaign. I suck at competitive MP and don’t really enjoy it. Even worse, one of the more recent MP expansions is only available on current-gen. So, the MP only Black Ops III (for last-gen) is missing out on a MP Expansion. If I do get Black Ops III at some point, it will be when I can afford a PS4 and / or Xbox One.

Like @VaultHunter101 said, it is best to avoid commenting in a situation like that. That is why I try to avoid reading too many comments in YouTube videos. People have a tendency to ■■■■ out of their mouths or get into dick measuring contests, given the relative anonymity the Internet offers combined with the lack of any real consequences.

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Dirty casuals… :sunglasses:

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Opinions are like ■■■■■■■■ - everybody has one and sometimes they stink. I’m with Poisd and VH: just ignore him and enjoy the violence. :wink:

That isn’t true I played basketball against a guy who didn’t have an ■■■■■■■, he was born without one.

It’s just his opinion, nothing to get riled up about. Everyone hates a game other people like, no need to even let it bother you.

lol. My first thought: It is a comment on Facebook. FACEBOOK!

Which means it has even less value than a YouTube comment.
More curious what the original question was.


Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game ever. It’s the only game that got close to making me cry. That’s how much I cared about the characters and how involved I was with everything. The gameplay is awesome, the visuals are beautiful, the music is fantastic and the characters are great. The story is amazing. It really has great atmosphere, some truly original and unexpected turns and I was surprised to see how deep and well scripted it was. Even the side missions have a lot to give. I don’t even see it as a video game. I see it as a playable movie (Actually, a trilogy… With a very surprising epilogue). It truly feels like living a whole life inside a western film. I reached 100% completion on it, did all of the DLC and I didn’t want it to end.

>> hyperbolic geek-out mode off <<

Concerning the matter on topic… Just ignore the possibly close minded, ignorant gamer. Even if that guy isn’t close minded or ignorant about the game, it all comes down to a matter of taste. Like @boombumr said, everybody hates a game that other people like. For instance… I hate COD and GTA.

You may have spotted a Conehead, did he look like this?

The original thing was an article from Official Xbox Magazine. It was reply to my comment that they’d name COD as their top Xbox 360 game, and that they wouldn’t mention Borderlands/2/Pre-Sequel at all. They are definitely taking dividends off Acti and others, however.

As luck would have it, they put it in their top ten (the first BL game), but it was interesting reading the replies.

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As a reply to everyone, I think the problem is(as I stated in a comment further down, that I didn’t screenshot. I can if anyone is interested) that most of the people commenting have probably never given the game a chance. If it doesn’t have the words Call, Of and Duty, or FIFA, or Grand, Theft and Auto on the box, they wouldn’t be interested. It’s quite an insight into just how close-minded people can be.

But my main gripe was that the bloke compared it to COD. After the joke that was Advanced Warfare, people like him have a cheek to put COD above ANYTHING.

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If its not their cup of tea, they aren’t obligated to play it.

As fans its natural to want to defend the game we like, but some random person’s opinion (especially if, as you are assuming, they never touched the game) really doesn’t deserve this level of attention. If he thinks this is worse than COD, more power to him. In the toxic cesspool that is the comment section, one off base opinion in a sea of many is nothing to bother yourself with.

Besides, a lot of people seemed to do that when the game first came out for some reason. I remember reading one review where the reviewer, who admitted to being a long time COD fan, kept comparing BL2 combat to COD. That was a real head scratcher. :confused:


Of course. However, I thought it would be interesting to see what the people on the forums thought, no offense meant to anyone.

Sure, they’re not obligated to play it at all. However, if people have never touched it and say it’s ■■■■, I get a little annoyed. Obviously I wouldn’t know if he had played it or not as I don’t know the guy, but chances are he had.

Very interesting comments back on here though. It’s nice to see a (little) discussion, if I say so myself.

I think it’s safe to say he has probably never played BL if he’s comparing it to COD. Kinda like Apples and Oranges in my book.

Meh, I don’t expect “quality” from the fans of a game that is almost yearly.
And all of us know what happens when a game is yearly.

And come on, Call of Duty fans quite known by being “ultra fans” and bash every thing they found on their way xD

More like apples and brussel sprouts IMO.

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You’ll see any amount of stupidity spewed from any medium which allows either for anonymity, or at the very least communication from long distances without the immediate threat of having an imminent consequence.

It is why I don’t understand the point of arguing on the internet. People who’d be too afraid to inform a cashier at a till that they’ve received the wrong change suddenly have the courage of the Light Brigade. I am quite certain they’d be singing a different tune at my arms length.

These opinions don’t shock me in the least bit. I almost instantly assume that all wit has been removed from a statement that ends with “lol” or “lmao”. It is like canned laughter in a sitcom. It is usually added in to inform you that you should be laughing, regardless of whether or not it was funny.

@TheRandomGoth, you’re a smart and reasonable person with their sensibilities well in place. You’re exactly their target. They know their statement will perturb some one who can use reason to come to a conclusion, as well as infuriate whomsoever is on the other side of the crazy spectrum they themselves are sitting on. Two pronged attack.

When I’d get on Fifa, I noticed that the famed “N-word” was tossed at me every time I began winning, as well as homophobic slurs thrown at me.

I never understood why they thought calling me gay was going to make me angry. I was going to be upset about being wrongfully associated with the community the LGBT community, which can tout Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great, and god-damn Freddie Mercury? Hell, even if I’m not, I’ll gladly take the association.

I adore Borderlands, it has given the Missus and I hours of fun together, and I genuinely feel a bit of an obligation to the series because of that. I’d never consider defending it against anyone’s opinion. This year, more people will pick up 50 Shades of Grey than every work by Alexandre Dumas combined, and they’d swear it is better.

Still doesn’t bother me.

Dumas endures.



Is all I have to say.