Please explain adaptive shield perk

Adaptive +8% Health and 16% resistance to the last damage type received for 3 seconds.

If you get fire damage you get resist and health rengen to that damage for 3 sec

Adds +8% to your health pool and +16% damage resistance from the last element your shield was damaged from.

It’s basically for sustained elemental fire, good if you’re being hit for a single enemy, not so much for mob situations.

If a character is burning from a fire DoT and then gets hit by a corrosive acid DoT, the adaptive shield will perform better against the new corrosion, but it will not provide an adaptive bonus against the old burn damage.

If the raw DoT damage were 100, the shield would reduce that to 100 multiplied by…


100*0.862 = 86.2

Corrosion on shield is weak, so that 86.2 is multiplied by 0.5 in TVHM. So the benefit of a +16% adaptive shield is not spectacular. 43.1 damage vs 50 damage without adaptation.