Please explain Attikus' Ult

I’ve been dabbling with Attikus a bit, but when I use his ult, very little happens. He flails around, no enemies die, and usually I die. What are the basic mechanics of the ability? Is it a melee skill or does it have range? Any help on using his ult successfully would be much appreciated.

If you activate it with full (5) hedronic charge he knocks any enemies hit into the air. It also damages enemies in a line in the direction he’s facing (either with or without charge). The main reason to use it is for the knock up however as it works well as a long duration stun of sorts.


You don’t activate it without full stacks, period. When you do, you can cc an entire team for quite a while


Its a ranged attacking however he starts of throwing them at the ground it does alot of damage if you hit all 10 at someone.

It sounds like I should probably refrain from using it until I have full charges. Much thanks. I wasn’t doing that and I was getting melted when I engaged it.

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I wouldn’t say that.
You can use it to finish off a weakness enemy who’s running or at Rank 10 when he gets the DoT effect it makes the Ult deal some crazy damage with or without the stacks

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The dot effect I thought was only under Attikus. So that wouldn’t help on running enemies.

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Nope, it affects the Shockwaves. Causes some really damage to the enemy team once you unlock it

When you’re level 10 I still wouldn’t because he’s very vulnerable in it, moving slow, unable to jump, he’s a cc target. Is killing one minion that hard before being able to cc an entire team?

And sure you might ult and kill one fleeing enemy but you’re throwing away an ult which can turn an entire team fight just to chase one kill… That’s a bad play. Let that guy come back with his buddies and send them all to the moon.

You can jump while using it btw and what happens if you were just killed/lose all charges? Wait till you get 5 again or wipe out a whole minion wave and seriously damage whoever is close to you.
Sure a stun cancels it but I find that rarely happens (I’m a Rank 15 Master).
Is it better with all your charges? Yes. Useless without? No

That just means you use him a lot… seriously, if you’re throwing an attikus ult after one kill, then you’re wasting it. The objective of this game isn’t kills.

I’m not a master of him, mostly because I play every character and role, so I only pick attikus into certain team comps, but I’ve played quite a bit of him. The only time I could see using it without a full charge is desperation, I’ve used it maybe twice that way, when my sentry is being swamped and wave clear is suddenly falling on me, and I still feel like I’ve mostly thrown it away.

That should go without saying though, of course if you’re desperate, use it, but you’re wasting it and it’s going to have little impact compared to what it can.

Without charges: deals decent damage in a straight line/makes you very immobile
With charges: one of the best ults in the game, knocks up entire team, turns fights, saves teammates, wrecks face.

Unless I’m extremely desperate, I’m not using it without full charges, and I’m certainly not going to throw it away for one fleeing enemy.

And that’s were we’re different.
I play solo and 9 times out of 10 my teammates don’t know how to capitalise after I use my Ult and 1-3 guys are knocked up in the air. If no one helps, no one dies unless they were about a quarter life.
At Rank 10 without the charges I feel like it does more damage.
It’s not hard to just move side to side to dodge attacks.

So, you solo pick attikus… a very team-comp oriented character, with randoms… you have poor/no communication… a team who doesn’t actively capitalize on what the character is designed to do… and you use your ult to chase kills.

Yes, that is where we’re different. My advice is and will always be teamwork oriented, because that’s how I play, not using it to selfishly chase kills by myself.

Might have something to do with why I always manage to put together a team to play with even when I don’t have friends on and why I don’t have to solo-queue that often…

And, yes, against any good team, his lowered mobility does make it hard to just “move side to side” to dodge attacks, any competent player with any CC will just stop you.

Without the CC, against anyone competent, it’s not a very good ability… unless, of course, you’re just selfishly chasing your KD

I just find playing Attikus fun nothing wrong with that. I have about a 60% win ratio and a K/D of 2 playing solo with no communication at all so I seem to be doing pretty well so far.
Oh I don’t only use it to “chase” kills but if an enemy manages to run away and they’re left with a tiny fraction of health why not use your Ult to finish them? It only has a cooldown of around 1min and a half…
I’d say I use the Ult around 80% of the time with the 5 charges. Before Rank 10 his Ult isn’t the best without charges but once he gets to Rank 10 and gets the DoT, I have no problem using it without charges if I see it being worthwhile

Shouldn’t play him selfishly but let’s not act like using it at full stacks is the only use. If a big enough fight/skirmish breaks out you shouldn’t refuse to use it because it’s not at full stacks, even one important kill can mean freely roaming to gank flank the other side of the map to establish control of both.

If I flank the other team on a team fight breaking loose I’m not gonna smack one person to death after leaping in when I can body block the priority target while using his ult + buff to spread a 30% dmg debuff to multiple people on their team. Attikus should be roaming around between waves if he doesn’t need to regen before the next one, that means not always being maxed on stacks. Won a skirmsh in this lane as a Melee? No reason to stand around waiting and you already expended your max stack without having to use ult. Let’s keep the thread civil, OP created it asking for help.

Yeah, his Ult is still good without stacks. It actually hadls pretty damn good range so you can safely use it from behind a minion line. And it actually does quite a bit of damage if you land a few of the shockwaves. No doubt it is 10x better with full charge, but it’s still a solid move without.

So ones you get his ULT. Never use his stacks for his other moves ?

The only good overcharge is on the Ult.
If you can, always use them on your Ult

I under stand what I’m confused about is his mechanics is there a way to do his. Moves with out using his charge ?

His Ult is definitely what you want to spend your charges on, but I wouldn’t really avoid using your skills when you need them just to save your charges. You can always get your charges back.