Please explain Attikus' Ult

Nope which is annoying, sometimes you need to pounce away but you lose all your charges in the process

Once you get his first mutation, using a “charge” only costs you one charge instead of the whole stack when you’re at 5… You should ALWAYS be using this on him, essentiall. Basically, you don’t have to build a full stack to get your charge back, just get one kill on a minion or whatever, so you don’t worry about it too much with the other two abilities, just make sure you get that last stack back before you ult and you’re good.

I owe you an apology, I’ve recently changed the way I use his ult as I’m fighting more enemies that can get a kill or two on me, I think it’s worth mentioning that his ult is a great way to stack his passive back-up after a death once you’ve taken his level 5 mutation…

I just ult the wave coming off of a death and I’m right back to full stacks, I was thinking about our conversation when I decided to just start doing that instead of trying to get 5 minions. I still don’t use it much to chase a kill, but, of course, it’s still there in emergencies.

It takes practice… and this “its useless without 5 stacks” is a lie. Its great to secure kills and lay down damage without stacks. Remember the arc ability apllies to any damage you do so when you leap or ult with them on it will aplly to those hit helping with damage.