Please explain "Improved Genetic Syphon" item for Rath

I just mastered Rath and got his legendary item, “Improved Genetic Syphon”, but I don’t understand the description. It says “Rath Only: Gain 1% life steal with each use of Genetic Syphon, up to 10%”. A few specific questions:

  1. What constitutes a “use of Genetic Syphon”? Each time he hits an enemy (battleborn or minion)?

  2. Does this reset on death, or after getting the 10% bonus it lasts for the remainder of the match?

  3. Does this 10% apply to both melee attacks and skills?

  4. If I’m understanding question 3 correctly, does picking “Swordsman’s Salve” at helix 5 (which increases your melee life steal to 30% but decreases your skill life steal to 0%) and equipping improved genetic syphon result in the 10% life steal applying to skills (and now 40% to melee attacks)?

Thank you very much for your help. As a Rath main, it would be very useful to get answers to these questions.

From what I under stand.

  1. Yeah just whenever you vampire HP.

  2. Having an item that gives me .98% more attack damage per melee hit to stack of 10 cap. From what I can tell even if it does reset on death you get them back so fast it doesn’t matter.

  3. It should since he pulls HP from both skills and melees.

  4. Yeah. But honestly you would be better off with skills taking 40% (with max stacks mind you) and your normal attacks doing 18% vamp.

Much thanks. 1, 2, and 3 make sense. So when you respawn, it’s important to quickly get 10 hits on minions before getting into a big fight so that you have your full lifesteal.

On point #4: I actually prefer the 40% melee and 10% skill to the 18% melee and 40% skill. But I think they’re both awesome!

eh I like it more on skills since cross blade alone can do 200+ then 100+ returning with basic mutations and no legendary that is always an almost instant 90HP. With the skill attack damage rising it gets you back a nice chunk pretty often.

I like the 30% (and now 40%) on melee because it makes Rath into a Brawler/Tank. He’s basically unkillable in 1v1 if you can keep your basic melee attack on the enemy.

Stacks disapate after a short period of not vamping hp so attack speed is your friend. Also seems to be like 10 ish seconds.

Is there any way to check your current number of stacks?

From what I know of, no.
A lot of stacking items says 10 stacks but we don’t know how much or how long they stack. Which is a pain most of the time. I wouldn’t mind if GB would make the stack counter visible maybe in the gear menu. So people can check if they wanna and ignore if they don’t wanna.

Yeah you would think since characters that have stacking traits with their skills/primaries usually are visible, they would add any gear stacking abilities to the HUD or at least make it visible somewhere in the gear menu.

I have not tested this but i would think that if you select swordman salve and have the legendary gear that the syphon would not trigger on the skills anymore