Please fix boldurdash

You made a working dash+knockback+stun skill for montana, why did you make a non-working one for boldur? its to much to bear now, you either slide off the target, or hit them and they arnt even phased, or you push them into an object and they arnt stunned. Its horrendously unreliable when you know montana’s dash works amazingly well.
The last 2 games had this ability hovering at around a 50% chance to actually work.


It works fine for me…

The only hard part about Boldurs versus someone like Montana’s is that you can adjust montana’s aim after casting it, but before he launches. Boldur launches faster, but you can’t adjust it once you trigger it. When I first started using him I thought it was jacked up too, but I just got used to it.

The hitbox is fine though.

You just need to hug them better with boldur, you have a shield which lets you wait for the right angle to boldurdash. Though I think it’s much easier to land Montana’s slam from long range because of his body size but he might get stucked on some polygons along the way.

No its not, as expressed by multitudes of Boldur players. Montana’s dash also doesnt lock the camera. I explained the issue, you will noticeably slide off of a target, but hitting a target that impacts a wall and doesnt get stunned is the worst. I’ve played upwards of 200 boldur games and now im noticing it more and more.

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The lack of stun from hitting an object would be an issue with the world geometry and not boludrdash. Odds are the hitbox is off for the object and it registered as the enemy stopping right before the object rather than by the object.

After playing him a lot I do feel his dash needs some improvements. Its hit box is particularly troublesome. Occasionally I’ll stop short and do the shield bash animation either without colliding with anything or near an enemy without hitting them. The start up also seems delayed despite the ability being instant cast regardless of your casting method. (I use quick cast)

I noticed it a lot more in the few PvP games I played with Boldur. As for PvE only a few enemies give the sliding-off issue and I haven’t had any issues with Montana’s charge in either mode. They are my only level 15s, I’ve been happily playing almost exclusively, I would say “Mastered” characters, but the Woodsworn challenge is impossible if you don’t have FOUR friends that play Battleborn.

U actually only need 2 people (2 people with 2 controllers ). Also it only takes like 3 min so you can probably just bug some people to help u. Just go to algorithm or something on advanced and everyone just kill themselves immediatley. Challenge complete

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(PS4) Alright I have to agree, landing successfully boldurdash is nearly impossible. At first I ignored this post and didn’t believe it, but now you always seem to slide off the target or the hit won’t register properly (this also applies to his auto attacks and axe toss on occasion). Now the strange thing is I played a ton of him in the open beta and I felt like this was happening far less back then, although it still happened on occasion, but that is just me.
If you’d like a statistic it feels like maybe 25% of my dashes are succesful. Boulder is starting to feel like Kelvin (mostly his wall) in how clunky he is.

Yeah axe toss sometimes seems to impact a target and do no damage, or just show a graphic hit, but the axe passes through. Runic Axe Toss often causes no AoE damage, happens more often if you hit a wall with it than throwing it into the floor.