Please fix Bosun loot pool

Bosuns’ legendary drops are not happening, period. Something has happened, he now drops heads and skins sometimes multiples at a time, as a result his loot pool is messed up. It’s not crazy bad RNG on my part, Bosun has become the new Doc Mercy. . .lol

I did get a legendary from him this normal mode run through, so it’s not impossible, jus probably very rare.

I managed to get an IVF to drop right after my post here. However, Gearbox definitely did something with his drop pool, it used to be extremely rare to get a head from him and now they drop pretty much every run. I guess Gearbox probably figured the aesthetic items where what gamers were after now, since the game is towards the end of its shelf life. I used to use Bosun to supply the grinder with legendaries when the game first dropped. I gained 3 levels of experience trying to get a drop from him this go around, 44-47.