Please fix enemies out-of-bounds in Slaughter Shaft and Takedown

It’s a shame that I have to keep a few ‘regen 1 grenade on Action Skill Start’ grenades in my inventory every time i run the raid or a Slaughter Shaft session just to be able to damage enemies that fly out of bounds or get stuck behind walls. It really takes the enjoyment out of these activities when progress is halted due to this. Especially if it’s a badass that is stuck!

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Hmm, haven’t had much of an issue with Slaughter Shaft…

However, Cistern of Slaughter has about a 30% chance fail to get a flying enemy stuck in/on/around the map where I can damage it.

Try a Driver Amara build with recursion and you’ll know my pain lol

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That was partially addressed in the latest hotfix - enemies are on a timer so if they get stuck where they can’t be killed then sooner or later they’ll despawn then respawn. Apparently a permanent fix is in the works for the next update.

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Don’t suppose there is anything similar being done for Wotan’s Better Half in the pipeline is there? There’s a nasty tendency for the Better Half to suddenly fall through the ground and make the Takedown unable to be finished.