Please fix "guarding"

So I notice when you guard a unit, they don’t even guard that unit. All they do is just follow behind the unit and the only time they would engage a enemy unit, is if that guarded unit was taking fire by the enemy unit and then they would break off and engage that unit, leaving the guarded unit vulnerable. It should be more like homeworld 1, when you guard a unit, they would attack any enemy unit that gets in range and they wouldn’t break off to engage them. Also, I would like if they would keep in the position you had them guarded in, for example, in homeworld 1, you could position your ships anywhere around the guarded unit and they would stay in that position so as long as they were still guarding the unit, instead of just follow behind the guarded unit.


MIght have something to do with the stance they’re in at the time…

Not sure which stances do what though…

I have already tried different stances and it’s the same results.

Then might need some work…hmmm

I would think ideally Passive would cause them to only fire upon a target if either themselves or the VIP are shot, and when they do they break off and do a normal flight path.

When Aggressive they should hold formation, and shoot at everything that moves

Defensive I’m not sure…

Maybe only fire on things that shoot them and their VIP, but hold formation, mix of the two?