Please fix Hammerdown protocol

I’ve experienced this and seen other Moze players talk about it on forums as well. I raised a ticket but was offline for a week so it expired. I believe other tickets have been placed by others.
When playing online co-op, sometimes hammerdown protocol does not reload when in IB. It’s random so a hard one to fix potentially. I’ve never seen it with Autobear, just when you’re in IB.
If anybody else has experienced this feel free to post here so gearbox can take a look at it please.


+1, no reloads on multiplayer either - on the left arm if this makes a difference

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Mine seems to be the right arm most of the time. I just swap to Railers for co-op

This happened again today with a player in my group.

Same here, was it me? Haha i had no reloads until the host was spectating me in guardian TD

I’ve seen a similar issue with Rocketeer COM not working in co-op, unless you’re the host (or split-screen with the host). But I never tried to see if the host in spectator mode would enable it.

I know it’s a different issue, but I wonder if the cause is similar/related.

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Happened again today. This time I un-equipped it and re-equipped it and thst didn’t work. Un-equipped it and changed arms. Still no good. The player I was teamed up with said they have the same issue at times.