Please Fix Healing

I love this game. I also love being a Miko healer. I also don’t mind a challenge…

However when my teammate dies while I’m standing right next to them frantically hitting the heal beam button but they’re not getting healed, you know something is wrong.

Healing turns from fun quickly into frustration when there’s minions nearby or the game doesn’t register your button press. To fix this is fairly simple:

A) Don’t allow targeting of minions for healing or at least prioritise teammates over minions (thanks @Crucible-Prime). Affected skill examples: Miko’s beam, Ambra’s sunspot, Reyna’s gun.

Why: As far as I’m aware nobody cares enough about directly healing minions to potentially let a teammate die, so why have it in the game.

B) Fix the input queuing issue that affects skills (particularly Miko’s healing beam) not being triggered on first button press.

Why: It’s a bug.

Again I love healing but these two issues have plagued healers like me since beta, I really hope they get fixed.


The minion heal is annoying, so I couldn’t agree more with your post. I love healing but to have a player die because the beam chose to select a one shot bot is crushing.

That said I love the game a lot.


I don’t use anyone with a ‘beam’ so to say…
Not a Miko user…

But my split screen coop badass doesn’t mind using Ambra from time to time (has since mastered her)…

And many a time, would they complain about whom the beam would or wouldn’t link to (her attack beam, not the healing sunspot)…
Whether it connected to a minion instead of a player, or jumped from player to player instead of locking onto a particular target…

It clearly brought on much frustration, and even though I wasn’t the person playing the character, I can’t help but feel their pain when they are barking at the TV right next to me, haha.

After playing most the characters, I’ve found its pretty much only Miko who’s controls are very unresponsive on ps4.

Same but I’ve heard from some forum users it affects other characters skills too. There’s a whole thread just on this issue, it’s been around since beta: Button Input Queuing - Working as Intended?

I haven’t played everyone yet but they all work just fine but Miko. Notably the healing beam does not cancel other animations. It won’t work till the animation is done then you have to pull the trigger. You can’t just hold it.

Skill animations and the reload animation are the major culorits

Yep that’s the issue in a nutshell, it’s a major bug IMO.

I’ve found Ambra’s beam is just as sluggish to initiate after using a previous skill. Plus when you spec it with the life transfer, it jumps around between friends and foes alike, and it seems to use the aim assist. I was trying to use it while chasing down an almost zero health enemy Orendi last night, and it insisted on locking into a friendly Shayne and Aurox and healing them instead…

I used a heal beam on a minion that was attacking someone once.


Either they need to prioritize Players over minions or they just need to end locking the beam onto minions completely.

Seriously, there may be a time I wish I could heal a minion, but I would get over it.

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I know you are a really knowledgable Miko player and I respect the hell out of that, but I’m not sure I agree. The beam is very powerful, you can get in close to initiate, then move back, etc (I know you know all this). I just don’t see why it should get special treatment.

I think being a good healer takes a lot of skill (despite the fact some on this forum act like it is mindless) and I’m ok with that. This kind of change would make things too easy, I think. As it is, it is MUCH easier to deal with than , say Reyna, whose heal is on a cool down.

The queue is issue is a pain, but I’m not sure we are going to get any changes on that one. When I have this happen, it is because I don’t let up on the primary/secondary, then use a skill. Make sure you release the beam and don’t hit the button until the skill is done.

I’m happy with healing requiring skill. The problem is skill means nothing when these issues strike. Sometimes I have to hit the beam button 5 or so times just to heal the person I want when I’m standing right next to them! How is that not broken?? It’s not special treatment to fix a glaring flaw in the game.

I was mostly talking about the not targeting minion stuff. I addressed the queue bit at the very end, but yeah, it’s a pain.

Same with minions. There’s usually minions around the tank because they push with them. Try targeting a tank with half a dozen minions around them. It’s close to impossible. I just keep hitting the heal beam button until I don’t get a minion which can sometimes take quite a few attempts. It’s extremely frustrating and clunky.

I haven’t played Miko lately, so maybe something has changed, but I never had a problem because most of the tanks are much taller. Have you tried hitting one with Reyna’s overshield in the middle of a crowd?

Yeah, I don’t think Miko should get a TF2 medic locking beam but I have yet to see the utility of sustaining minions at all, so if they made it go away I wouldn’t mind.

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I agree that it’s just as bad if not worse with Reyna. If you read my original post I said they need to fix this on Reyna and Ambra as well.

I know, but I’m not sure making it so easy is the answer. Why should healing skills be treated differently from every other skill?

At the moment heal beam targeting is just as much luck as it is skill. I want it to be more about skill, just like how the rest of the game is.

It sucks to lose a match because your beam keeps connecting to a little minion bot standing next to your tank who’s on 10 health screaming at you for heals.

I don’t mind my tank dying because I couldn’t keep up with him or I healed the wrong player. But this isn’t like that. When this happens I feel cheated and frustrated. This game should bring joy not frustration.

Don’t get me wrong, I love healing. But if this goes on much longer I’m going to get RSI from hitting the damn heal beam button so many times.

Well since I was happily invited I’ll throw down a post.

Now fair response I don’t play healers per say. I do however play Kleese and I have seen a rather similar issue with his Taser beam. Namely if I drop my reticle on a player and they run behind a minion, even if I follow, that bloody taser will auto target the damn minion. it’s happened like dozens of times to me since I picked Kleese up and could just be my control are a bit under sensitive. Could absolutely be the case but I’m hearing the same from other members of my crew regarding all major “beam” type attacks. Our Toby player said his beam auto locked a minion wave when he was aiming at a player,

I dunno if it;s just flukes in the controls for the PS4 - and maybe xbox?- or a strange auto target bug that makes the game prioritize targets? is this related to the aim assist option that is on by default maybe? Now I’m wondering if that may be part of the problem. Can anyone tell me if this happened with the aim assist option off? just curious.

But yeah the “Beam” animations seem slow to start, Kleese Taser wont trigger right off a basic attack for me, and I cant fast switch off of it. This could be intention by GBX to make sure we plan our moves? dunno. but thats my 2 cents. Happy gaming y’all.

Hey that’s a great idea. They wouldn’t even have to disable minion healing, just prioritise the players. Either way I would he happy. I just want this fixed.