Please fix Iwajira's cave collision meshes

Everytime I get there, there is either a moonstone, or something else that I can’t retrieve because some of the collision meshes around the caves do not correspond at all with the texture meshes. A few minutes ago the only purple weapon that dropped was out of reach because of those imprecise meshes.

I understand that collision meshes are always less detailed than their texture counterparts, but at some point there needs to be a little less imprecision on the matter.

Thanks in advance :blush: !

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Go ‘swimming’ in Iwajira’s cave, sometime, just to get an idea of how screwed up the geometry really is.
There’s fake (undamaging) lava near where Iwa spawns, phantasmal ‘cooled lava’ platforms all over the place, invisible walls near the column in the middle, as well as several crevices and seams in the (visible) walls that don’t seem to do anything other than trap flying loot.