Please fix Marquis performance issues

Marquis is my favorite character, with over 120 games played, and I can’t stand playing him. I can’t count how many times I’ve aimed down sights and my frame rate PLUMMETS to single digits. It’s also infuriating with lag, hitting someone directly and it not counting the shot. With someone like marquis you most definitely need every shot to count.

Yes .the nerf was too much. Only to aim ambra and orendi is impossible.and the rest is very difficult too. They are moving all the time .the sniper now is useless. I prefer go with pistol,but i die in 2 secs. And i agree. Some shoots dont count . They dont do its especific sound . Only is easy aim against benedict .the equip with a marquis is the equip will lose. Buff him the sniper a little!at least the first shoot! its necesary

Its horrible. Always When i push left trigger to zoom and quicly do the shoot. This first shoot Dont do any damage. And thats not because the ways have 3 bars of conection.lately i play wirh isic and this doesnt happen never.fix please. i ear in pc its more easy to aim. If that so i think maybe they must buff marquis only on consoles.
All its frustating with him.
Fix him and buff him please

completely agreed my friend

Example of only half the problem. My shots just auto stop counting after a while.

Thats it! About 3 shoots for nothing.and gearbox is only fixing ernest lately. Maybe we will see ok the next update.
Maybe one idea is to increase a little the size of the sight. Because the damage to thralls for example is enough high . But to some characters with a lot of move is imposssible to target.

Its been a long time.and this thing still happen. Fix this dissapeared shoots! Its very strange.or make an explanation at least.
I finally stop tryng to shoot with the snipe squishy characters(ambra,orendi,all rapid characters) its difficult ,at least on console. I wonder if you try it often…note: playing with controller in console…

@Jythri i have noticed this too. Any help plz!! I thought it was my bad accuracy.