Please fix match makeing

I am a level 103 haven’t played the game in a few weeks decided to come back nice updates but what happen to match makeing played like 30 games of incursion won like 2-3 lost all others some lost in like less then 20 min why am I geting matched with lvl 5 and 30 and noobs who don’t know how to play??? Some ppl don’t even have a badge why is this happening?? Please add a rank mode if you haven’t already thought about it it’s becoming unfun that no matter what I do I always lose and why can’t I see others rank??

It was nothing Ike’s his last time I left

Low player base means you have either experienced folks or newbies generally. I’d suggest the Battleborn discord to see if you could find a group to play with on your platform. Matchmaking has been an issue from day 1, but a low player base greatly exacerbates the problem in 10 person matches. Edit: you can still see ppl’s CR in the menu screen in the spawn area before the match or during the game. Just scroll down to their name and click on it (or the equivalent console button).

One more added to the matchmaking problem. I got 2 advises for you. Go by title recognition when choosing your team members. In other words, No title/amateur pvp title = newbie/low skilled player most of the time.

Wait until winter update is released. Right now on Xbox1 the queue is filled with amateurs. This include both low levels newcomers and level 100+ players that play worse than level 10’s.

Terrible luck my friend, but don’t be discoraged

  1. Play more quick match if you que solo, games are easier to carry newbs
  2. No title doesn’t mean newb, usually it does, I’ve met players though who don’t use them to trick opponents
  3. Winter update will help this out alot

The main issue at the moment in Battleborn, which causes this problem is not necessarily a playerbase problem I’d argue. Or at least in a numerical sense. Strictly based on personal experience and some oversimplification, the two main groups that are still in the game are veterans and beginners. The casuals have left it would seem like, causing a lack of “back-up players” which otherwise would fill the gap of the lack of similarily skilled players.

The main issue is the structure of matchmaking in general. It matches you with players of similar skill (most of the time to my experience, it’s rare for me to get into an underleveled team). However, then it’s as if though the system says “Screw it, can’t find a good match so here’s another team in matchmaking.” which ultimately leads to unbalanced teams.

I’ve said it before, but I still think the structure itself needs to change. Gather 10 players into one lobby, and then distribute the players as evenly as possible. That way you’d be less likely to play one-sided games. Though it wouldn’t solve matches with pre-mades in them, or at least pre-mades of 3+. But I have no experience within the industry, so what do I know? I’m not sure how flexible the systems are so I’m not sure whether such a restructure would work.

Regardless, I’m sympathetic to the problem at hand. I’m certain they’re doing as best as they can to fix things. After all, I can find games now. A few months back I could sit through qeue times of half an hour without finding a team even.

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Yeah I am on Xbox version and there is a lot of new players likely cause of sale maybe I can find a match fine its just my team is always low levels but wouldn’t a rank incursion fix this? What is this winter update that will fix this