Please fix multiplayer loading time (PS4)

There is few problems with Battleborn multiplayer loading and it’s easy to fix. Why nobody fixed it already?

  1. When trying to connect to the game and some of our ally quit before the game began we have to wait until “Victory” arrived. This is waste of time. If somebody quit the game that don’t start yet wait in about 5 seconds and switch us to the game main screen to search for another 10 players.

  2. When all characters was selected we have to wait again for 39 (or 49, i don’t remember) seconds. It’s too much! I can choose a skin and gears much faster.

  3. When we done of waiting this crazy 39 seconds we see “creating a server” and have to wait additional 30 seconds or so. Why you can’t do this at the stage when players selecting skins and gears?

Battleborn developers please make multiplayer loading faster!


Hmmm to be honest, I don’t really feel like your points 2 and 3 are a big deal. However I do agree with point 1…though to me your point 1 isn’t that isn’t much of a big deal either.

They tried decreasing the char select time by like just 10 seconds a few months ago for your point 2 and everyone spazzed out so they reverted it. You might’ve not been playing then but it did happen.