Please fix Phoebe's teleport

I’m getting pretty irritated by pheobe’s teleport. Just played a match of incursion where I pushed the button, didn’t move, and it went on cooldown.

I keep seeing the teleport telling me it’s going to teleport me somewhere, but instead it teleports me either to a wrong location or just 2 feet in front of me. Pro tip: No one wants to teleport two feet in front of themselves.

When trying to teleport to a ledge above yourself, sometimes the cursor will be on the ground, then relocate to the ledge you’re trying to teleport to, and you will end up teleporting a few feet in front of yourself instead of the ledge. It would be REALLY neat if I could just teleport where I want to, and not teleport a couple steps in front of myself because there was like a rock or a piece of grass in the way.

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Oh, guess I should mention this is on ps4

Use quick cast. Hold the button and verify where you’re going before you release it.

It has never teleported me anywhere that my targeting icon has not been placed. If you’re teleporting 2 feet forward, it’s because your targeting icon is hooked on something two feet in front of you.

If you don’t take a moment to actually aim it and confirm its location, it will certainly not take you where you want to go. The ability doesn’t need fixed, you need to correct your aim.

In regards to the phasegate not working it does that sometimes if your mid-use and you have contingency plan, and your shield breaks.

That doesn’t fix anything, and the way it works now you push the button and either push it again or hit the R2.

If you would have actually read the OP, I already mentioned that even with the teleport icon on the surface you want to teleport to, it teleports you to the wrong spot.

You can change the ability settings to be a single press, press and hold or double press so that’s what they were referring to. As far as the issue I haven’t experienced it so don’t have advice.