Please fix the collision and jumping mechanic

I can’t count how many times I’ve been stuck at a tiny bump in the road or a teeny tiny arch on the wall, got stuck on a sentry or a tiny bot trying to advance behind me, and died as a consequence. Please fix the collision and your majorly clumsy jumping mechanic. I enjoy this game, but these things are just an utter nuisance.
My suggestion for the collisions on bots and sentries would be to just make it possible to walk through them. Same goes for other heroes/battleborns/players.
In regards to the walls, bumps on the road and jumping mechanic I don’t know what causes it, but please, please look into this.



It is kinda funny to watch minions try to take out a sentry but they are stuck on a step. :smile:

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They have already announced they have done passes on many maps for texture issues and those will be in the next patch, not hotfix.

No word on friendly collision yet, but I kinda want it to stay personally.


I don’t see how textures adress the issue I am describing, except maybe in the end where you explain your personal opinion

Removing friendly collision would ruin the game, IMO. People tend to only consider themselves when they ask for things like that. They don’t stop to consider how it might be used against them, Like having a Marquis stand inside Isic’s hatbox. Awful idea.

No idea what the OP is referring to with regard to jumping being clumsy. I think by “textures” @Derch was referring to geometry.

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That’s actually a very good point in regards to the collision. However the small “minions” if you will, I think wont do this issue. But with fx Isics in mind, I think that is a good point and that should obviously not be possible.

On the point of jumping I am reffering to jumping over obstacles. Unless you time it right you collide with it and are stuck in the air until you hit the ground and can try again. Which can be a pain with the low gravity. That to me is not good since I feel it somewhat destroys the fluidity of the movement and hence the gameplay experience.

I hope I was a bit more clear for you

EDIT: Of course in any FPS you have to time your jumps if you want to get on top of something, but many obstacles are higher than they seem, and you need more inlet that you presume you’ll need, which can often become very frustrating as it varies from obstacle to obstacle.

I agree that the friendly collision should stay. It promotes more strategic and attentive gameplay. I heard the idea of allowed for a push mechanic which would be nice, especially for friendly minions. You should be able to move them out of the way by moving into them, at a reduced speed (50-75%). They are sort of a brick wall if you turn around and a wave of minions is behind you you will get trapped.

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I have had times where my jump just isn’t working right, like in the Sabateur I fell into that… pink lava pit thing during one of the defense portions as Deande. For whatever reason I could not jump high enough to reach the bounce pad to get out, though I had done that on less mobile characters. Also I have issues with Kleese getting stuck on like everything because of his damned chair.

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That sounds like an excellent suggestion to me

Textures like bumps and toe holds Ramsey said in an interview are being cleaned up to stop issues you mentioned in your op

Sounds great! I’m glad to hear it

EDIT: Do you have a link for said interview? Would like to read it/watch it

Did a search for toe holds and this is what came up. Trying to not repost a topic, but not sure if anyone else is even talking about this or if it’s under a different name (not positive what to call it). Sorry if I am needlessly necroing an old thread.

I still have issues with getting caught on several things in story mode. Things that clearly could be stepped over, but I have to jump. Is this the way it should be? Is this what was supposed to be fixed? Should we report these spots somewhere?

I bet GBX would appreciate this a lot :slight_smile:

Is there a place to do that? Pardon my ignorance.

Here you go! :slight_smile:

2K also has a separate support but GBX’s own is probably the best to send this stuff to.

Ah…so no wonder they still exist. There is no way I can open a ticket for every spot there is a toe hold. Ya, I think that’s way too much effort without any reasonable expectation that it’s helpful or will lead to a change.

You could probably “mark down” the ones you find and send them all in one ticket. You could also try making a master topic here, maybe lots of players could try contributing in it :slight_smile: Then you could tag one of the Devs in it. Like Joe or Jythri.