Please fix the HUD Size and Scaling

Since the patch we got on thursday, the HUD is massive, as are the weapons. The scaling and Fov settings no longer work.

Unplayable at the moment for me.


For real. Another patch where they clearly did ZERO QA testing, good thing the patch notes included a ‘HUD performance’ fix. More like they completely broke the thing and said it was good to go. Way to go GB, great work.


Same issue. The HUD is now HUMONGOUS with no possible way to alleviate the problem.
Please address this issue post-haste!!

What he said.


Same :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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And I hope this is not a type of bug that requires weeks to be fixed, right GBX?

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Can’t play until this is fixed. Sigh.

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Honestly, the moment I read HUD/Menu improvements I was afraid of something like this. Was not disapointed.

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Is help on the way?

I’ve been away for a few days - can I assume this hasn’t even been acknowledged yet by GBX?

No word from GB. We can only hope they have the fix in thursday’s patch/hotfix.