Please Fix the HW1 Gravity Well Generator

For whatever reason, the Devs have made all Vagyr Corvettes immune to the HW1 Gravity Well Generator. This single unit (if it worked) could potentially bridge some of the power gap between HW1 and HW2 factions.

As it is, ALL Vagyr corvettes are immune to the Gravity Well Generator ‘freeze’ strikecraft/corvette ability. The HW2 BCs already seem OP, but to purposely make the Vagyr (by gimping the GWG) even more powerful against the HW1 factions = doesn’t make any sense.


Multiple threads regarding this issue have already been raised. Also, it has been mentioned in the gameplay and bugs feedback megathread.

It has already been established as a bug and acknowledged by the devs but I too am getting pretty flustered with Vagyr players taking advantage of it.

It’s fixed in my mod and it’ll be fixed in the next patch, I think I heard.

Would also be nice to have a fix to being able to turn them off, though.

Lol yeah, i do have a hard time trying to turn it off, in most of the cases I end up moving it away

I think they should keep the fact that it can’t be turned off as a feature. It is very powerfull and doesn’t effect cap ships and frigs so there should be a downside to it.

You can actually turn it on, and jump it to another location, and it still disables stuff where it used to be even though it’s gone until it runs out of energy.



Might be good to merge threads related to one another.