Please fix the new bug

I just had a game where my team made one of those epic comebacks that makes this game great only to have in ruined in the last two minutes due to the last wave of minions for the enemy team having at least 10 shepards…this needs to be fixed ASAP I have defended this game since I bought it, I even bought a few skins today(there are only three that interest me) but this I can’t defend. I’m not one of those guys that’s going to threaten to leave n tell you all how to do your jobs but this might need a fix before next Thursday if possible. @JoeKGBX Are you guys aware of the problem?


I already red someone else was complaining about several Shepards spawning at once - if this bug occurs widespread its definately to be fixed ASAP.

It just really irritated me with this one, it was one of those games that was awesome and then that happend I had to turn it off for the night

Understandable, if such a wave comes completely out of nowhere so close to victory…

If I find other posts & topics regarding this I´ll try to link them here, sadly I have´nt found the mentioned other post again…

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Hi @bgfarmer85,

This isn’t one that I’ve personally seen mentioned yet, but that doesn’t mean the team isn’t aware of it. I’ll make sure to reach out to them tomorrow to make sure they’re aware. Thanks!


I had a similar situation happen today. A long fought, very close game, swung in the opponents favor by a shepherd wave at a very inopportune time.

Last night was especially frustrating because I was matched up with alot of lvl 15 or lower guys against mostly 90-100s and I spent most of the match trying to talk my teammates through it(they were playin tdm at first) and then I finally got them to come together n quit getting smacked around n we made a comeback only to have a bug cost us the game

I have had it happen as well, at one point last night there were around 4-6 shepards in one wave coming at us.

I had it happen once last night but we had a Thorn Oscar and WF to pulverize them into the dirt not sure what makes it happen but it didn’t happen to us till we broke 2nd sentries shield our game wasn’t a comeback though more a slaughtering with a ton of WF rodeo time.

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I’m gonna pop up a bug report, I captured this same thing yesterday on PS4. I noticed a little bot that had lost his way and it caught me off guard . . .then I saw this shiz
skip to 1:37:05

yep that’s what I have seen as well, then at some point they figure out their pathing and all come in one wave lol

I have a meeting his morning with some of the dev team and will certainly bring this up to them. It’s funny that as soon as I saw this post last night, I immediately began seeing other reports on Reddit and Twitter as well.

We’ll get to the bottom of it!


Yeah so it’s doing what I figured was happening - they spawn at different times but start getting stuck, then at some point all are released and a huge Shepherd wave ensues?

Tried playing some Incursion yesterday to see myself but it didn’t happen for me. Pretty hilarious, I wonder what happened /w the update

Hey guys,

Wanted to heck in here. We pushed a fix for this yesterday. Does everything look like it’s working correctly for you guys today?


Was playing a game in overgrowth that my team was winning. I died trying to break the last sentries shield… when I spawned I jumped down to our first sentry where I noticed a Shepherd had spawned, so I thought “I’ll follow/escort this sucker to the sentry.”

Keep in mind we are on the side that has the large shard on the right and the thrall on the left.

When I went to escort this sucker to the sentry I noticed that there was about 3 or 4 shepherds getting stuck near the small flight of stairs. (The one that holds two small shards on its platform, not the one that holds the 1 large shard on its platform). The shepherd I was going to follow got stuck in the clusterf*** of shepherds…

I thought “well that sucks”, shrugged it off, and moved on. But near the end of the game all of a sudden 8-10 shepherds arrived at our enemies last sentry. I’m assuming that after enough shepherded built up they somehow got free of their weird trap… and voila! 10 shepherd wave!

This might be the cause of this problem.

Granted this was on Thursday or Wednesday.

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Yea, we pushed a fix through yesterday, so hopefully it’s working as intended now. Definitely keep us posted though!


Thanks, i didn’t see it happen anymore while playing last night. I’ll keep you posted if i see it again though

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Was the fix to just remove them completely I haven’t seen one in incursion in days?

That must be what they did I haven’t seen one either…maybe the just took them out until they can figure out what’s causing the problem. I’m not complaining I think I like it better this way the only special bots you get are the ones you build yourself.

Definitely makes it so you don’t have any surprise over shield escapes unless a Reyna is on that team does make minions a lotime easier to clear though.