Please fix The Saboteur mission

I’m not asking for advice on how to beat it. I’m not asking if you personally have beat it. I am telling the devs that this mission, as it stands, is too difficult for casual gaming.

The reason is that final defend core dies waay too fast (even if nothing is actually targeting it). This mission is straight broken - nothing on easy mode should be failed so many times.


To bad :smiley: You can’t really call it broken if people have beaten it, it’s the 7th mission out of 8, it’s going to be hard, the best way to beat it is good team comp and bring gear that generates shards and reduces buildable cost. Keep turrets up, dont stand on the point like a dolt and have mobs trying to shoot you accidently shoot the core. I will say there is a very high ledge that you cannot get to unless you are Caldarious that spawns several ranged mobs, that I think is a bug and they will peg the core a little bit.

I don’t think the mission is too broken to be honest. Difficult, yes, but doable. I sorta get the feeling that most people don’t like not being able to respawn an infinite number of times (like in Borderlands or even Dark Souls series’ of games). They end up losing at the end and get frustrated.

The problem isn’t the lack of infinite respawns. It’s actually a three part problem:

  1. The source of the damage is confusing. In 5 attempts, I was unable to know WHY Nova’s health bar was going down. If you don’t know who is dealing the damage, or at least from WHERE they are dealing it, you can’t do much to stop it (short of using Reyna’s Ultimate and hope for the best). I think there’s some enemies that spawn on some balconies way above nova and shoot her from there. Most people don’t notice them. I don’t even know how to reach them; you presumably can, because there’s a drone station.
  2. The failure comes at the very end of the mission, and these story missions are fairly long. Most people will get frustrated and hate the mission because this particular fight at the end forces them to repeat the first half hour over and over again.
  3. It seems the game is kind of…crappy about scaling with a full party. I managed to solo this map on my first attempt (I believe I was using either Orendi or Oscar Mike), with Nova receiving lots of damage on the very last wave because I didn’t notice the enemies that were on the tallest points of the facility. The enemy numbers weren’t just lower (which is perfectly acceptable: more people need more targets), but they were of the easier varieties.

This thread seems to be overshadowed by: The Saboteur pretty much can't be done, right?

Is there a value to keeping both threads?

Probably dont need 2 threads, just want the issue of not being able to complete this mission with randoms fixed.