Please fix the totally broken Matchmaking

I have to get this off my chest because it bugs me so much.

I have a level 50 Moze that I am playing in TVHM Mayhem 4 (and finished the main story), so I have access to all possible matchmaking variations. But at present, almost all of them do NOT WORK very well, if at all. Here’s what typically happens when I try matchmaking in various modes:

Proving Grounds on Regular and TVHM, any Mayhem level from 0-4, any server area: No connections - ever. I used to get some before, but ever since the Maliwan Takedown came out, this mode is a wasteland.

Circle of Slaughter on Regular and TVHM, any Mayhem level from 0-4, any server area: Most of the time no connections, but occasionally I get matched with 1 more person, sometimes 2. Almost never 3 to make up a crew of 4.

Maliwan Takedown on Regular and TVHM, any Mayhem level from 0-4, any server area: Usually very long waits, then I get matched with 1 person most of the time. Sometimes 1 other will join halfway, but almost never do I get a crew of 4. I have never finished with 4, and actually most of the time I’ve done it solo, by necessity.

Regular plot matchups on Regular and TVHM, any Mayhem level from 0-4, any server area: Usually the easiest to get partners, but rarely ever a crew of 4. Usually just me and one other.

It doesn’t matter if I am on one of these missions, like already in a Circle of Slaughter, and try matchmaking from there, or whether I launch it from the main screen.

I’m starting to conclude that maybe nowhere near as many people are playing Borderlands 3 that I heard because matchmaking seems so empty, or it rarely works. The other possibility if that most people just aren’t using random matchmaking but rely only on friends.

I know it’s not my network connection that is an issue because I have a super-fast internet connection, so I doubt the matchmaking failures are being caused by connectivity issues. I’ve also tried restarting my PS4 when no matches are being made, but that doesn’t help either.

No matter what, for those who want to use public matchmaking, there are thin offerings right now. I love the game and have played over 300 hours now, but I would like to take better advantage of matchmaking instead of playing mostly solo, so matchmaking needs improvement asap.

If anyone has had similarly poor results, let me know. Hopefully, you have had a better time of it.

Thanks for hearing me out.


I just think there’s too many options making it too specific to find games. Should be able to pick normal, tvhm or both (doubling potential matches) and put a mayhem spread like 1-3 etc. Then slaughter, maliwan etc or pick multiple. If you can cast a wider net you’d get more results quicker.


I think you’re hitting it on the head. For example, I may want to do the Slaughter Shaft on TVHM, Mayhem 3 while I’m playing in the North America zone at 9:00 pm. So how many others are wanting to do that at exactly the same time in those specific conditions?

Even with a lot of players online, there are dozens of possible missions with all sorts of permutations in modes, levels, etc. So your suggestion about specifying broader acceptable matchup conditions is a great one.

I hope Gearbox implements something like that, because right now I’m pretty much ready to give up on any public multiplayer matchups. Watching that ‘waiting for matchup’ wheel as it spins isn’t fun.

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Timely topic. I just started messing with matchmaking this week with mixed results. I’ve been looking for people interested in doing the Takedown at M0 or M1 (yeah, I need to ease into it) and was only able to find 2 other players last night.

For those more experienced in this stuff, what’s the best way to get a like-minded posse together for raids like this?

I’ve been trying for 30 mins now to do M3 UVHM Mailiwan Takedown

I had similar frustrations a few weeks ago, haven’t tried since. But, saw something in this weeks patch notes that they tweaked matchmaking somehow? The most success I had was via this route (for the Takedown):
– set game to public & cooperative before entering
– start matchmaking Takedown BEFORE entering the game
– go to the Takedown but don’t start it, hang out & see if anyone joins
*** Important –
– if you get any joiners check the matchmaking again, to see if the circle/searching stopped. If it did stop (& you don’t have 4), click Matchmaking/Takedown again to see if it restarts looking for more people (if it does resume matchmaking it means YOU are the HOST)

Sometimes it will take you out of your lobby & put you in someone else’s game. Hopefully that new host (& any joiners) have the sense not to start the match without waiting a little bit (& know to restart the matchmaking if it stopped without 4)

Thanks for the tips. I will try these out.