Please fix things falling through floors. Please

Why is the floor in Sanctuary so porous?? Why is this bug still happening months into the game??

I can’t even count the number of items I have permanently lost in my room or the common area outside of the bedrooms. I just hit triangle twice to exit out of my menu, by accident, due to other games I’ve been playing using that instead of circle. No big, right? It’s what you use to drop items for other people. Done that plenty. I’ll just pick them up again.


Once again, the two legendaries, which were favorited, fell through the floor of Sanctuary, into space, lost forever. And no, they didn’t show up in lost loot after travel. Two anointed legs, gone.

I remember when my gf and I stopped trading items by chucking them because of this exact issue. It was pre-covid, last fall! If we cared about the item at all we traded it via menus. And yet this problem continues.

I miss the SOLIDITY of BL2. So much.

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I don’t get this, but I do frequently get Zane’s clone stuck in the floor, which means that when I switch places with him, I’m stuck in the floor. I get this both on world maps and Sanctuary.

To get out of that you just have to duck for a second and it will unstuck you.


My gf sometimes gets stuck in the floor after fast travel. Only when she plays as Amara, and usually only when she is solo. Back when we played regularly, she’d get this two or three times a week.

But we both get the porous floor bug pretty often, since launch. Kept hoping they’d address it. Guess not enough people got it to bother.

I think plenty/most of us DO have this problem in Sanctuary. There’s just been enough other problems that this particular one doesn’t get mentioned as often.

FWIW, the carpet that is outside the Player 2 door has been safe for me. I tend to stand at one end and toss something to or from my mule that stands at the other end. Only one item at a time. I have lost items at other random spots in Sanctuary, and it seemed to happen more often if I tossed out more than one item.

There’s a bug with graveward too. Sometimes when you kill him, a few legendary things fall immediately from his body into the nothingness. You can recover it in the lost loot in sanctuary. But he is supposed to drop all his loot far above the stage. This is weird.

I posted on this problem before months ago,there are safe ways to adress things fall through the floor,first the tables in the hallway inbtween the quick change machine and the lost loot machine are safe to put gear on as well as the floor in front of the lost loot machine,don’t put gear even on the table in your room/quarters I’ve watched loot fall through it or anywhere in your room,the only time I’ve ever had aproblem with this method on a very rare occasion is having your game crash and loosing gear lol.

I mean sure, those are all good ideas. Trading between players or using mail is safe, generally. I have done mule work at the top of the stairs leading down to Ellie’s area, too.

Also having that Graveward issue. Thought the recent patch might solve it, but nope.

It’s just…permanently losing an item in your character’s bedroom just because you dropped it from inventory is very much a beta testing kind of glitch. Not usually something I’d expect in a major title, months after release. Same glitch since September? On multiple people’s games? Very frustrating. I essentially lost two legendaries just because I hit the wrong button to back out of a menu. Oh well!

You can still lose items through the floor in specific spots in Sanctuary and South Paw S&P. There’s also a spot in BL2 in Eridium Blight where you can park a vehicle and have it slowly sink into oblivion. My speculation is that the issue must lie with Unreal Engine itself, because I’ve had similar things happen in other games using the same game engine.

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