Please fix this game

I want to start out saying I am truly enjoying playing 3. I am getting upset with 3 things that have ruined game play and part of the game for me. I hope they will address my issues and fix them.

  1. The losing of characters: I lost a level 31 Siren because of this terrible company EPIC who decided to do an update for cloud saving and the next day I logged in to find my character completely missing as well as my BL3 keys for the sanctuary chest. This is ridiculous.
  2. Epic launcher: This company is terrible and honestly the launcher is years behind Steam. The company decided to save a little money and go with the cheaper company knowing that this game would blow the doors off sales. Now you have lots of pissed off people because of the EPIC launcher and missing characters. I know I am not the only person that lost a character and some folks were able to find their toons the majority lost them permanently INCLUDING the KEYS for the chest in Sanctuary. I had several saved up and all are gone.
    3: The halloween event isnt working for me: Yesterday I was playing the game ghosts everywhere and killing left and right ghosts and more ghosts. I decide I will go kill Captain Haunt today and THE QUEST TO TURN IN THE 25 GHOST is gone and I cannot move the story line forward to continue the event. WTF. Can you please fix this and can someone from Gearbox PLEASE contact me at …email redacted by PH… so I can get this fixed.
    I apologize for the negative message because I am a huge fan of the borderlands. I spenmt 100 dollars on the super deluxe edition only to find out that for computers I would not receive the steelbox and such that came with it. So GEARBOX please contact me and lets fix these issues.
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I’ve removed your email address from public view, the best way to contact support is by submitting a ticket here:

This game is working by save game its in your " my document " you must copy and paste on other folder everytime is you done play and copy it in to your secure flash drive.

You got issue its not epic launcher. its a save system is too fragile. When you got Bsod . that save file will corrupt and broke. many ppl said its happen to all game. But a different point is. you hold a save game in your computer. but other game is hold save game in super computer inside nucler shelter and its not crash :open_mouth:

about Halloween event. Quest line will broke if you not turn in after you get it . you must go find
25 thing and turn in . bcouz after you logout quest will broke and gone :open_mouth: . Quest is active by
update patch . but everyone got a game is not update patch . and its gone if you not turn in it .

well .A good point of save game and update patch . You got an offline game is can play when your
internet is black out. and If not update patch . That mean all nerf thing is ppl flame on forum atm
will not effect . You got your friendy thing and firendy gun and the puff power back . you got even
super exp boost. But …. you got crappy drop .

When you choosen to online and update patch . your lovely gun turn to a toy . you feel like you got
kryptonite . even a bomb is you love to throw you feel like you throw a poo to a mob. but …
most of drop is anoid grade.

But well ………. Now day . most of drop is got ruin by terror … so its become terror anoid… if you <3 terror stuff. just update and online play .

I am sry ’ ~’ I am poorly in English

*Bsod aka Blue screen of death ’ O ’ /


I always do this after each and every time I play on the occasion that I do play; be it 2 hours or 10 minutes; I always, ALWAYS no matter what, copy the save files over to a flash drive. Just in case.

These days I’m still waiting on these so-called November “performance fixes” they said they were going to have on deck for a patch. Game is just less fun with all the frame drops. So we’ll see what happens I suppose.

My patience is running out though. And what was with that pre-recorded advertisement stream the other day on twitch? Yuck. Just…gross, and way out of touch with the community. Not a good way of reassuring us in their statement of “performance is a top priority for us.” Yeah…right. Let’s see them PROVE IT.

This game wont give me 4k 60 FPS if SLI still disable. Its beauty graphic maybe same as Anthem .
I got issue same as you . but This game have manything is make me wanna play . Like a homeing missile. mini gun . or a plus rifle gun is make me fun when shoot it.

Well . if you wanna compliam about graphic. lets start new post. many ppl include me will mob up in your post and yelling GB about " We need more performance . or We need SLI on !


Gameplay>Graphics. End of story.

OK, non-essential discussion about YOUR PERSONAL STANDARDS regarding launchers aside, let’s focus on actual issues with the game.

  1. Are you using cloud synchronisation with Borderlands 3? What about save files stored in your system, are they present? If yes, maybe turning off cloud saving would allow you to recover your progress?

Could there be that your system may be the cause of game issues? Other games running OK, no partition errors, all drivers up to date, internet connection running fine? Tried sfc /scannow the system?

I turned off cloud right off the bat as I consider this tech a crap - just minor connection error and it may corrupt all saves and will even replace good files with stored junk, I don’t trust these, at all. No issues so far, I wonder it’ll stay this way :slight_smile:
Anyway, I advise doing the same.

  1. Skipping.

  2. As for broken Halloween event. Maybe reverting back to pre-patch state will fix it. Try this:

  • run the game and quickly, before it can connect to servers, load the save. If you’re fast enough you’ll end up with vanilla game.
    BTW In the pause menu the game will notify you about “new updates” if you run the vanilla.
  • Just roam around a bit to overwrite your save and quit to menu to see Bloody Harvest hotfix being loaded.
  • Load the game and see if it worked.