Please for God's sake just let me select my mayhem modifiers

The random rerolling serves no purpose. Are you hoping I’ll just give up and accept ones I don’t like and that will somehow justify the oh-so-awesome design work (sarcasm alert) you put in on them?

All you’re doing is wasting my time.


Or just let us turn them completely off, even if that would mean lower boosts for xp, cash etc.


gearbox adds options for people.

people “happy noises”

gearbox keep doing new content without options for people.

logicccc 9000

if i had a damn option to turn off modifiers i’d go to m3 and play with 0% anointed gear and never touch guns like opq monarch and other meta ffs i’d find a niche to “create my own fun” bt the damn modifiers won’t even let me enjoy lower health scaling

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Words of wisdom from a fellow siren.

Not only that, it would drastically improve performance without need to patch :wink:

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Agreed. After 10 minutes and still not getting an acceptable combo I will end up putting the game away for the night.
Really hate changing things just because of this one fact. I would try alot more stuff if I didn’t risk having to spend a ton of time trying to get the modifiers I find acceptable back.

yes please

I’d have thought this would be right at the top of any “quality of life” fixes months ago, and it cannot be that hard to implement.