Please GB let us reset some things

as it is now (and allways was -> anoying) you reset the whole damn thing…

let us Reset:

  • the story (main)
  • side quests
  • DLC
  • Crew chalanges (or put make it so you can actualy farm for the weapons you get from them -> without cheating)
  • Single points in respec (sometimes you just want to swap a point or 2… and damned if you put in the wrong one and have to start over)
  • reset mision list (accepted quests you don’t want to play yet)

I had started a thread a while back asking for a “locked in” button for your respec so the points aren’t actually finalized until you hit the button. Not sure why they have never done this. A bunch of games that have skill trees work that way.


that could also work :smiley: would be nice to have both hahaha

they did a great job on the DLC but for now they should focus bringing the game up to that standard (and add a LOT of needed QoL stuff)

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In main menu where you choose Tvhm or normal mode you can reset missions and if you do game starts at beginning. You can start Dlc as soon as you get to Sanctuary.

uhm… i’m asking to reset these things separately… everybody allready knows you can reset your progress. nobody wants to play the story again after 5 times (hell, i didn’t even want to go through it a second time)

i want to replay the DLC WITHOUT doing the REST of the whole damn crap again!

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It takes half an hour tops to get to Dlc if you start over so if you really want to play Dlc its very easy…

and then i still need to play the damn friggin game to play everything else…

please stop trolling…

Closed due to early outbreak of unpleasantness.