Please GBX, fix the Lag and Crashing

These come from the experiences of a PS3 player. I don’t not speak from the point of view of anyone else but my Girlfriend and I.

When I heard word that GBX was going to make a Patch for TPS all the way back in May, I was excited for a chance to finally be rid of the three biggest problems that ruin an otherwise good game for my Girlfriend and I.

They were:

1: Once we make new characters, the game moves as smoothly as it should, seamlessly transitioning from UI menus to saving to Vehicle menus. However, as we level up and progress through the game on Normal and TVHM, the seamless transitioning gives way to increasing amounts of lag as early as level 14 before even getting back to Helios. At max level after beating everything, we literally face 2-3 seconds of lag during every single save, making going through data streams in the Voyage DLC suicide for my Girlfriend as she falls through the stream and moving around the Lunar Launching Station a pain. As for the Vehicle stations, in Triton Flats it occasionally causes crashes.

Speaking of Crashes…

2: In the 3 weeks since the Patch, I’ve had 4 crashes from simply playing the game in sessions lasting less than 2 hours, even though playing in sessions under that time in Borderlands 1 makes crashing impossible for me. I still face random crashes in the Voyage DLC just from going through the data Streams or opening Glitch Chests. It’s really ruining my love for the game.

3: Every few minutes of playing the game I experience periodic lag spikes where the frame rate drops to 1 FPS for 2 seconds, it’s no better than after the May Patch.

But it didn’t, these horrendous issues still persist and make playing the game an arduous struggle

I’m not whining, or getting angry, I’m literally begging for help with these issues. Please help, please at least hotfix these issues like you did with Zer0’s Deathmark Kunai.

Please, if they persist, I don’t think I can keep playing Borderlands games knowing my greatest fear isn’t ECLIPSE, or Crawmerax, or Voracidous, but Crashing every day like TPS literally did before the latest Patch, and is starting to do again, all because I’m in maps like OVERLOOK, Subconscious, Motherlessboard, Regolith Range, Triton Flats, Hyperion Hub of Heroism, and Titan Industrial Plant/Facility.

My responses to common feedback:

1: GBX doesn’t care about us.
Me: That’s why the Cobra drops now in BL2 and 3GO-TP’s trophies appear on UVHM, because GBX doesn’t care. They spent money patching Games long released because they don’t care.

2: Deal with the issues.
Me: I can deal with Wilhelm’s Termination Protocols and Vengeance Cannon being weak on UVHM, I can deal with Luxy’s Space Adventure’s cancelation, I can deal with Eliza’s voice in the mission “Another Pickle”, I refuse to deal with crashing, not without letting them know at least.

3: Just Play on PC instead of PS3.
Me: I’m not buying an entire PC build to make one game better. If it doesn’t work on PS3, I’m not buying it again.

4: It works fine for me.
Me: I’m Glad, envious but glad.

5: Have you tried improving your internet connection?
Me: It happens while offline.

6: Have you tried uninstalling the game?
Me: It’s related to the save files themselves, I checked by using a file from someone else, it saved seamlessly. Something in my save files makes saving cause lag as I progress through the story and level up. Just saving on my level 20 Wilhelm causes a noticeable Framerate drop.

7: Just play Borderlands 2.
Me: I want to play all of the Borderlands games, they all have something that brings me back. I like them all. Even then, it happens in Borderlands 2 as well.


I’d like to add note that Mac App Store version of updated BL2 & BLTPS crash upon launch… yep.

It is the SINGLE reason that’s preventing me from updating to the latest version, though I understand that GBX is not the one making BL2 & BLTPS for Mac. (Aspyr plz fix)

Just wanted to chip in a bit. It is frustrating as hell.

I posted frequently after Clappy’s DLC release about the persistent freezing/crashing that I experienced during Eclipse/EOS. It made farming the boss a risky endeavor. Anytime I brought it a second character there was a greater than 50% chance that the game would instantly freeze the moment the second character spawned. It would also freeze while entering a vendor screen, inventory screen, or picking up an item from the EOS lootsplosion. The constant resetting wore me out.

I read of all the stability improvements but they can’t seem to fix this one area. To Tech Support’s credit I reported it and they tried to walk me through some solutions with restoring my game data but none of it worked.

Sorry to hear about the crashing on your end. I know just how frustrating it is.

I don’t know what to say, i’ve never had any of those issues.


I fully agree that this sucks and I’m really sorry to hear you’re having issues. Just wanted to pop in let you know that I’m going to pass this along to the team immediately. In the meantime and if you haven’t yet, contact our support team ( ) and see if they can offer any insights.

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Well not to say you’re wrong, but it wouldn’t just make one game run better, it would make all games run better. : P

You could always opt for the Steam box if you still want to enjoy relaxing on the couch and playing games.

No offence, but this comment is coming off as rather Patronizing. The fact that it’s false as well doesn’t help.
As Long as we have the PC Launch of Batman Arkham Knight being crash prone, texture bereft, Framerate capped, and laggy to the point where it was pulled off of PC stores from June 24th until Late October with issues still persisting, not all games run better on PC.

I’m not spending 400$-5000$ on a Steam Machine when I can get the games I want for PS3 and PS4 (I can’t get InFAMOUS games or The Last of Us on PC), if the games don’t work on one console, I’m not wasting money on a new one when each port should have the same general competence in terms of stability.

Not agreeing or disagreeing with the statement, but Platform battles are looked down upon on the forum. Please do feel free to suggest PC all you like, but let’s not get in to an argument over it, as it just leads to the same discussion ad infinatum.

While I do understand your desire to respond to a statement directed towards you, it is still in the same line of platform warring. What you’ve said has been said so let us avoid any further conversation in regards to Platform Wars gentlemen.

Let’s proceed from here, thank you.

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I will add to this. I have the exact same problem as the OP and I’m on 360. My fav character save file lags around 3 full seconds upon passing a save station. anytime the game saves my frame rate freezes for a full 3 seconds. I thought going to the xbone would fix this. It has only reduced it from 3 seconds to about a half second . I know it’s directly related to the character save file. I have a level 70 Jack and he only freezes about 1 to 1.5 seconds on the 360 and doesn’t freeze at all on the xbone. for some reason, my favorite character lags dramatically. the others don’t. I have spent most of my time with my favorite character and have done all missions and side quests. so most of my BAR has been done with that character, prestige twice already. I think the file itself has grown to a size that lags my game upon reading and writing to it. That is what i think is happening. moving to the xbone I have a much more powerful console and can process things much quicker. that is why the lag was reduced, not completely fixed. If they can simply compress the character game save file, that would help. Just don’t know how that can actually be done. :smile:


Lol finally getting back into this game with the new update and whaddaya know crashed over ten times in the last 3 days. Cannot finish last mission because of this. Get it together gearbox or your fans will move on.

UPDATE: I started a controlled experiment after my last post. It went as so:

Playing as my current character; Wilhelm again (I always play the Unmanned Soldier in Borderlands titles as I never like the others as much) I played through the game from level 20 to 70 without using a single Badass Token, up until level 50 I saw that the Save Lag did not get any worse.
However, after a certain point I saw that the save lag got a smidge worse(almost a second long now) and small lag spikes have begun.
When I looked at the size of my save file, it’s now 297MB instead of the 294MB that it was when I beat TVHM.

The "Save/Loading Lag issue definitely is related to the size of the character’s save file, but the file’s size increases over time as you gain and use BAR (at least for certain players like myself).

The thought of the lag inevitably getting worse as I farm BAR (the one thing I deeply enjoyed doing) is a smidge bothersome but not severely damaging to my enjoyment as of yet.

I guess my only answer is to play the Handsome Collection and never prestige… Damn…
The former doesn’t bother me (I always wanted to get the HC so I can play BL2 again, not nearly as much as TPS but still lol) but the latter does considering that I always wanted to prestige multiple times.