Please GBX, patch the Hustler COM

There’s a miniboss you can farm that has a good drop rate of all the class mods and is easy to kill, you get the Quest after defeating Evil Lilith but the area is just a tiny bit before her.

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It doesn’t have to outclass Seein’ Dead, it can be just as good if they would do it right, but that would still mean turning this into a true crit.
Which means that you’re getting up to 125% extra crit damage in addition to the normal 100% which already means 225% damage on crit, then add in general critical hit damage (On COM stat roll) + manufacturer specific critical hit damage (Such as Jakobs…) + critical damage from weapons like the usual +10% / 21% or more like the one from the B SMG, add in barrier anoint which gives both a large accuracy boost and a good chunk of crit damage (70%!) and you’re gonna be doing a whole lot of crit damage.
Downside against Seein’ Red is you’re not getting all of the 25% extra kill skill boost and no chance to proc kill kills so you can’t just maintain/sustain your kill skills / action skills as easily unless you go the barrier tree to Calm Cool Collected.
So basically, Damage vs General goodness.

You could juggle your kill skills with seein red. That was the second thing I tried. Just playing the regular build with another COM and constantly pop the clone. Then, the COM basically helps with bad aim or enemies that can’t be crit.
I was hoping for another or enhanced playstyle, by being able to proc brainfreeze on enemies I couldn’t before, for example.

Not necessarily just for people who can’t crit (I can crit just fine, heck, I keep getting some really nice trick shots with jumping around while boosted by speed and critting like hell) but again it has a lot of potential to be at least a second best class mod that’s worth it since it says “Additional 25% crit damage per stack up to 5 stacks” and that means up to 125% extra crit damage, you don’t even have to go the barrier way or the barrier anoint even though it might be worth it, since SNTNL Cryo is 100% extra damage and not 70% extra crit damage (100% being more than 70%).
But also helping freeze things that almost don’t have crit spots, like Chonk Stomp, that does have a crit spot, but it’s really hard to hit it, also the armor based Saurians that have the same problem.

the chance is not 5% from what little testing i gave this cmod the critical hit chance seems more like 15-20% not 5% it is basically feeling like megavore sadly this com boosts bad skills and braifnreeze is not even friendly with non crit friendly guns and this com is more of a non crit gun com like for your rebounds and lobs and covnergence refluxes

Did you let each stack reset? It’s 5% per stack, not 5% flat.

No i did not wait i was tap firing it would go crit roughly every 5 body shots tho i was just using botd on a dummy. Even if it stacks 25% chance in 5 th shot should not consistently crit you’d be getting longer chains with no crit. Th idea was it to pair with cold bore dual boring gun lump/scourge lob setup. I am not allowed seein dead and executor and conductor do not do much for these

Juggling kill skills is good for an ASE build, but you’re better off running the Infiltrator mod for that.

Plus I’m not sure how good an Infiltrator build would be now that ASE has been patched.

Personally, I am very much in favour of this mod getting some kind of improvement. Give it a point in CCC, perhaps. That would be amazing.

Not if you want to keep your shield, though.
Also ASE is unchanged, additional projectiles have been patched.
If we look for a build, where the Hustler overpowers every other COM, we won’t find anything.
Lately I tried Hustler with my regular build and just backburnered my feet and looked for random crits of the bb arcs. With backburner splash anoint and double 50 % shock ASE on gear. Has the advantage of accidently doing high damage, and sometimes reabsorbing ammo…i would do more damage by not popping the clone though… So… Ugh

No, not if you want to keep your shield, of course.

I took this out for a brief spin with my Atlas Zane. I like it as is. Regardless of the description (or one’s expectation upon reading it), at the end of the day it is adding damage to my attacks with no extra effort on my part.

I don’t play Zane much, so if this is old news let me know. I found this on reddit.

It can work in a freeze heavy build, but it’s just not as great of a build as it might look in that clip. And that aside, there’s still the issue that a facepuncher white elephant melee stacking build is just about the only thing you can do with the Hustler that’s somewhat viable. What good is a COM if it requires a very specific setup just to be somewhat even with a COM that you throw on and can use in almost any build with about 99.9% of the weapons in this game?

I don’t play zane or comment on this section of the forums very much, so I have no bases. There is a 9 minute vid of him going over the build.

As for your comment on a COM having a niche effect versus being used with everything. I think that is totally normal. I’m not going to use Red Fang with a Rakk build, or an Iron Bear COM and never use Iron Bear, or use a Muse COM and ignore melee. I think it’s less that the Hustler is niche and more that Seein’ Red is a giant bandaid.

There’s a major difference between “it works with a certain kind of build” and “it generally works with a very specific playstyle, provided you are using it in combination with at least two, but ideally three very specific other pieces of gear”

The Hustler is needlessly niche when it doesn’t have to be and the niche it occupies likely isn’t the niche it was neccessarily meant for. Like, the Muse is great for melee but it also was obviously meant as melee from the ground up.

Sure, the Red Fang only affects Gamma burst, but that isn’t equal to being niche, as you still have options when it comes to your skill build and your weapon choices.

If I want a slightly broken Facerpuncher build, I’m just not gonna play Zane. Fl4k can get the darn thing to one-shot most enemies in the game.

The fact that the gun based non-melee class mod only is useful for a melee build is telling enough, don’t you think?

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Hustler COM is indeed the worst: totally unusuable no matter what you throw at it. Please send these to your local recycling center for immediate disposal at Adabiviak (Steam, SHiFT, and Epic).

Hustler is mostly good for mobing. Not to good against bosses: Video