Please Gearbox add a fasttravel station to the arena

thats all i have to say, running to the arena is just a chore, its terrible.
otherwise i am happy with the dlc
ps: finally made it to the new forum, which is also terrible btw


agreed, the old one was much better


Also agree. Gearbox, EVERY area should have a fast travel. There’s really no reason not to.


+1 for Cortex fast travel,
also PLEASE add Quick Change station to Deck 13 1/2 where the shooting range is.


+1 Liking and replying for more visibility.

Instead of the long haul through Subconscious I think a fast travel at Cortex would had been better. I know it is a lost cause now since the maps are all cooked and shipped but this is a minor issue on this otherwise great DLC. Granted you can save quit at Cortex but that’s not very ideal with you are going between the Holodome and other maps. This wouldn’t be a issue if Subconscious was a small map and the exit to Cortex wasn’t located at the other end of the map.

Cortex is THE repeatable area for this DLC and it is a shame its not on the fast travel list. Cortex is also the gateway to the final boss too.

The closest thing we had on BL2 is the run to Creature Dome, which itself wasn’t repeatable so no big loss.

Imagine if we had to go through all of Lynchwood or whatever map to get to Digipeak.

+1 here also. But there needs to be about 5 more fast travel stations in the entire game. Strange why they are missing. I’m sure someone drew up a list somewhere…

Edited… I say “Missing” I mean it feels like they should have them. Missing implies a bug or something. 1000 apologies

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Apparently not: we just don’t know it. In BL1, however, console manufacturer restrictions on DLC content limited the number of fast travel zones in DLCs. I find it imaginable that the same case applies here.

I can only speculate too of course. But when I look at BL2 I find this hard to assume. BL2 is full with fast traavel stations. So it would be strange for TPS having less due to such reasons.
I wish TPS much like BL2 had a FT on almost every map


the thing is: whenever i want to play the arena (which is awesome one btw) iam like: hell no, too long.
also try holding together a group of 4 strangers in multiplayer when u want to do the arena.
so pls gearbox: ONE fastravel here, that would also help for raidboss farming.


Yeah, especially considering the Highlands had FOUR. Granted, one of them is separated by a loading screen effectively making it three and one, but still. Not buying that as an excuse.

+1 here \o

I, too, vote for them to add a fast travel. I will usually suck down a Moxxtail before heading out there, but you have to waste at least five minutes of that time running through the area to get to the arena. Puzzled by their thinking with this, unless it really is a system limitation issue.

Has there ever been an incidence in the past where Gearbox has actually added in a new fast travel to an area?

If not, they should definitely jump on this unique opportunity with the arena and make us all happy! :smile:

Seriously though, having to run there is just a waste of time… :confused:


And one in the Motherlessboard, please.


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Yeah, fast travel to the cortex, yeah

Please add a fast travel or a grinder!!!

I ask again, seriously, as I di not know:

Had Gearbox ever added a Fast Travel before?

Someone? Anyone?

I don’t think so.

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fast travel in the cortex would be great. we really don’t need anymore incentive to run through the subconscious, i farm that map daily anyways, but when it’s solely to get to the cortex it does feel like a bit of a chore.

while we’re at it, i always thought a quick change station inside of the holodome would be very useful as i often play the badass round to test out my various builds.

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